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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by monkeyman, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. much better now than 2 years ago

    5 vote(s)
  2. somewhat better than 2 years ago

    9 vote(s)
  3. about the same as 2 years ago

    4 vote(s)
  4. slightly worse than 2 years ago

    14 vote(s)
  5. much worse than 2 years ago

    7 vote(s)
  1. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Ok, even if you choose not to comment please vote in this. Im curious given the news on the economy and such, has the economy effected you in a noticeable way so far? How do you figure you are doing financialy now as compared to say 2 years ago?
  2. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I'm not sure where to look at the old chicken or the egg.

    Housing has tanked -> I'm not able to build any -> my guys and suppliers are out of work -> they can't pay the mortgage -> Banks can't lend -> folks can't buy housing -> repeat

    You can start this cycle at any point and blame any one in the mix. This problem has been created by the Fed and the lack of sound money... But, that's the intelligent conversation about this mess. My little flow chart is much easier to understand for the 95% of the a**holes that live on this planet.

    McCain for Prez. [imwithstupid2]
  3. kckndrgn

    kckndrgn Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    personally, my finances are WAY better than 2 years ago. 2 years ago I had 2 car payments, prolly 3 or 4 CC payments, a student loan and prolly another payment or 2 to something I've since forgotten about. This does not include my mortgage.

    Now, I have one CC payment, one car payment (which will be paid off in March, if not sooner) and the mortgage payment.

    Being on a budget and spending less than we make and using the balance to pay off our debts is working. Hopefully, we are working real hard at it, when my second child is born in May the wife can quit her job and be a stay at home mom. That means that when that happens our families income (take home pay) will drop by about $2100/month. And you know what, our life style will not have to change because of it.
  4. slots

    slots Monkey+++

    For me, I have managed to jump over some rather large hurdles financially -a $5000 dental bill for one, and also some of the costlier item related to survival. Water filters etc. I also recieved a very nice pay rise last year which has added to my sense of well being.

    So on that score I feel "somewhat" better off. :)
  5. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    For me, it would be somewhat worse off. It seems like the job market is a bit tighter even out here than it was a couple years ago and just as much is the fact we got a truck to pay off and we got a couple credit cards this year and on one of them it got run up when I THOUGHT I was on a short break from work (like a couple weeks) that has turned into 6 months.

    I have to say though that Im kind of surprised at what the poll numbers are showing. I figure that while its totaly unscientific and just a small number of folks to respond, I expected the poll would most likely show the same thing econimests are saying, that times are getting worse but it seems that on average its about the same or tipped a little better.

    I wonder if the poll will show the same with more responses and how it would look taken in a year or 2 from now.
  6. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    I am no longer working in the civilian sector, so this doesn't apply to me as much. Even so, I factored in my "estimated" expenditures as though I were, and this would place me in about the same category as two years prior.

    With the economy on the fritz, the best most people can do is restructure their lifestyles by eliminating unecessary costs, delay credit card purchases, locate cheaper residence and housing, live greener and more sensibly, and for crying out loud don't have any more children if you cannot afford it. Some people may have to change professions, for those most heavily effected by the housing, real estate, and mortgage crisis. This is no simple task, and quite painful to even consider.

    Let's hope that you have that home and mortgage paid off. If you do, then you could sell the home and purchase a smaller one, preferably outfitted with solar and located in a rural setting. Who knows how long this will last? And, if the economy does spring back, at least you can begin to save more because of the new sensible lifestyle that has been taken.
  7. Nomad 2nd

    Nomad 2nd Monkey+++

    ~ the same financially, worse physically.

    (Enlisted Marine, soon to be medically retired)

    Still have no debt, and I live cheap.
  8. groovy mike

    groovy mike Immortal

    Sounds like a Dave Ramsey fan there! Same here. I am working my way out of debt, so better off than I was, but I believe that I am the exception rather than the rule. All around me folks are going deeper in to debt and not even realizing that they are sinking deeper in the trap!
  9. kckndrgn

    kckndrgn Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Yup, total DR fan here. Common sense that ain't so common anymore. As I mentioned on the "What did you put away this week" thread, we've paid off our van and now only have ONE debt to go. That is on a CC that just had the balance transferred from Discover (bondage) Card due to their adjusting the interest rates. New interest rate is 0% until Feb next year, the card will be paid off in May[beer]
  10. <exile>

    <exile> Padawan Learner

    Better in that we're continuing to reduce our expenditures but worse since we know our income isn't keeping pace with inflation.

    Enjoy listening to DR on occasion but disagree with him on some points, like never using CC.
  11. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member

    I am way better off, if this is recession I love it, and if this global warming I love it too, this year We have more snow than in the last 15 years.[beer]
  12. groovy mike

    groovy mike Immortal

    I agree on that Exile. If you have the discipline to pay it off every month, why not gain 5% on purchases like I do? Yes there is a risk - if you screw up and pay late - they bite you with fees. But for a 5% increase in spending power I'll take the risk and pay off the cc every month.
  13. monkeyman

    monkeyman Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Thats one of the things I was wondering about was just how your income has kept up with what it was or more so your spending power. Are you keeping up with inflation and doing the sameor better as far as ability to improve your situation or have you noticed that you make the same as before, didnt add new bills but cant make it the same anymore or that the bottom fellout and while inflation went up your income shot down.
  14. Quigley_Sharps

    Quigley_Sharps The Badministrator Administrator Founding Member

    Not a bit, good times here.[beer]
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