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  1. Dunerunner

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    Sorry this is late…

    Let’s talk about surviving a deep economic depression. Your bank, everyone’s bank closes, stores are sold out of everything and boarded up, fuel is unavailable or severely rationed, the electrical grid is shut down, the government has frozen all financial assets in the country and is rationing food and water through FEMA nation wide.
    Personal property is being seized, farms, livestock, homes, cars, trucks, boats and recreational vehicles are all being seized by government and travel is prohibited.

    Literally everything has to be done secretively to avoid attracting attention to yourself and your family. War has broken out among the European countries and hardship and famine are wide spread both here and abroad. Government surveillance is used to monitor literally everything to insure that no one is wasting resources or using resources in an unauthorized manner. Restrictions are enforced by the military, local law enforcement and assisted by local observers and volunteers.

    Who do you trust? How do you survive?
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  2. techsar

    techsar Monkey+++

    1.Only a couple close neighbors have proven themselves trustworthy.
    2. S,S, & S.
    "Local observers and volunteers" is just another way of saying treasonous bastages...a.k.a. targets of opportunity.
    Southerners aren't likely to put up with new age carpetbaggers.
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  3. duane

    duane Monkey+++

    It is going to follow the old real estate quote. It will be all about location, location, location. If you are in the right spot and grey enough and cached deep enough, you may survive. Me, an 85 year old white male isn't going to make it in Detroit city no matter what I have for preps, with family in rural Utah and church support, I might. Their track record is that under stress, they have pulled thru in the past.
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  4. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grampa Monkey

    If we're at the point of Gov. Stooges runnin around seizing folks stuff, you can bet there's gonna be an awful lot of shootin going on!
    Some "Authority" shows up to start confiscating's my shit, they can have it all, bullets first, and when they find my corps, it will be atop a rather large pile of spent brass with a dead rifle by my side, and a spent 2011 in one hand and a Bowie in t'other! My body will be surrounded with the dead of my enemies, will look like a shell splash from an Iowa landed at my feet when I draw my last bloody breath! Don't need cash, I have other methods of getting things I need, trade, barter, or take, doesn't matter much if it come down to it. I get a few gennies for power, tons of firewood, and tons of fuel, and we do grow our own food ( Though not enough) so we can survive a while on our own for a pretty good while!
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  5. Alanaana

    Alanaana Monkey+++

    My plan is to make everything as easy as possible now, so that if this kind of scenario does happen I can prosper. I live in a warm climate on a the Big Island of Hawaii. The HPP Ag district is a super cheap place to set up a good life with less chances of bandits in the end of days.

    I think the government's reach is very limited here. The locals may be quick to fight against governmental over step and without re-enforcements from the mainland or Honolulu everyone will probably choose to get along.

    With that being said, my plan is stealth. I have ghillie suits lined with thermal blockers for moving at night and I designed my own trigger release, portable hog snares by combining 1/2 inch PVC and professionally designed metal snare loops.

    For a longer term shelter, I have a custom 3d printable yurt system. The yurt itself will last decades and its much lighter than other yurts, so one person can carry it. This link is to an open source website that gives you the build files for free.
    Yurt Frame System by yurtmarket a_trap.

    I have a very quiet 22 caliber pellet rifle. I discovered that it's quite easy to make my own ammunition with lead, a smooth stone, and a few other things. Just remember to always oil your rounds no matter how you do it. Pellet rifles don't typically need barrel maintenance if you do this.

    The very moment STFH I'm hitting the state land with my things and I'm going to a predetermined area that's very difficult to get to. The only thing I have to bring is my camouflage. My other supplies are in a place and in a way that won't ever be scouted by humans or dogs.

    In a worst case scenario if people somehow manage to get tracking dogs here without dying, I have a cheap semi automatic shotgun that shouldn't have any problems getting out 300 rounds before it dies.

    I'm assuming things will re-adjust within 6 months one way or another. I'll probe out slowly afterwards to figure out what world I live in after the fact. My glamper yurt is small but its better than anything Tarzan built.

    So yeah, basically... my plan is to live like a shotgun carrying, thermally invisible island bear.
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  6. mechstdr

    mechstdr patriotic grease monkey

    have a bare handful of friends i can trust, everyone else beware!! it's not to say i wouldn't provide christian charity, just be careful, who/when/where/how. as for the rest, the wife and I have worked to hard and to long for our stuff to just give it up in the name of "equity"& "safety". they'll need to bring a lot of plastic bags, 2 for us the rest for everybody else!
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  7. Kamp Krap

    Kamp Krap Monkey++

    Pretty sure I will be alright, and if not well then it is just time for my number to get punched.
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  8. Seawolf1090

    Seawolf1090 Retired Curmudgeonly IT Monkey Founding Member

    I'm ready to go. Don't necessarily want to, and don't intend to go easy. But I'm ready.
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  9. mechstdr

    mechstdr patriotic grease monkey

    i understand well what you're saying mr. Krap. we purchased 28.5 acres of rural property 30 years ago as our BOL, moved there and set up shop. years have past and now not so "rural" anymore. unfortunately we can no longer pull up stakes and try again, if things get as bad as i and others think, this will most likely be our "Alamo":mad::( we'll try to survive to the other side of the "troubles", but it will be in gods hands.
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  10. Tempstar

    Tempstar Monkey+++

    Looking at these responses, we are the reason it won't happen for another 10 years or so. We have all aged and too many have died off. As soon as the rest of us kick the bucket it will be wide open. The younger crowd just does not seem to have the patience for long range goals and planning.
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  11. mechstdr

    mechstdr patriotic grease monkey

    never had any children but have a friend whose son we will leave our "estate" to him. we have 3 nephews none worth a hoot, but our "surrogate son" works hard, church going christian will do anything for us, we worry what will happen to him in the future. he's married has 2 daughters and we want him to have everything of ours, certainly don't want the state/gov to get any of it for sure ! don't want any kin to get it either as they don't care about family at all. none call us, no xmas cards so f**k um is what we say, will help our "son" all we can till we're gone. we hope and pray for them to live and prosper in the bad times to come.
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  12. mechstdr

    mechstdr patriotic grease monkey

    i'll mention that our "son" went thru a trial this past year, suddenly the eldest daughter (12-13) wanted to be a boy, he couldn't be alone with her, wife & he had fights over it finally got it somewhat straightened out. come to find out the vice principal of the school was the one poisoning her mind. this is a small town ( pop. app. 3000) he lives like we do outside of town. it's not just big cities anymore, the "WOKE" is unfortunately everywhere !
  13. techsar

    techsar Monkey+++

    Tar, feathers, and a good ol' fashioned asskickin' were in order.
  14. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    I would be all over the School Board, and the School District Superintendent, to have that VP fired… The school is there to teach approved ciriculum , and that is it, and to not council on Gender Identification…
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  15. mechstdr

    mechstdr patriotic grease monkey

    i'll have to ask him again what the resolution was, unfortunately he and his wife both work full time and can't homeschool her.
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  16. Kamp Krap

    Kamp Krap Monkey++

    There are exceptions in the younger folks but I am afraid the rule will win in the end. I am going to go out on a limb and say that there are very few here or any of the other forums and boards similar that have a healthy population of people under 45 years old.

    I agree with you 100% in this. The Far Leftist Progressives have a firm hold on the public school system from the Teachers, to the teachers Unions to the administrators in most districts. When I married my first wife she was a pretty firmly politically bit right of center. When I divorced her 10 years later she had been fully converted and indoctrinated as a teacher into a slobbering far left progressive extremist via the school system. That was back in the 90s towards the end of that marriage, she came home raging about "How dare these lay parents believe they know better than the educators in what is best for their Children. She was then and is still now a 1st grade teacher. With a whole lot of so called educators indoctrinating and teaching all the wrong things on the side. With the full blessing of Superintendent on down to the guidance councilors. It has only gone farther down the toilet since then.

    Parents are a large part of the problem as well. School to many parents is where you can dump your kids to get them out of your hair. Not a place for them to be educated in the essential materials like history, math, reading, reading comprehension etc. Probably a large part of why the average high school graduate now days knows nothing of history, has a 2nd grade math level and a 3rd grade reading level and can scream about their rights but can't tell you what their rights actually are. And the parents think their kids are just most well educated and intelligent little Crotch Goblins ever spawned.

    School is no longer a place where education and learning how to think happens. It is a place where morality is undermined and children are told what to believe and think. All the while mining the kids for information about the home life and parents.
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  17. Kamp Krap

    Kamp Krap Monkey++

    We got 4" of rain over a 3 hour deluge early this morning. The Lake and two ponds all got 3 feet deeper over about 5 hours of that deluge running off and are only inches from completely full and going over spillways. I think maybe I am good on water now!

    Paddled out over the three holes 26' deep, 22' deep and 16' deep is what the line measured the depths below the dam in the two big holes and the smaller hole I mined the clay out of to build the little pond dam.
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  18. SB21

    SB21 Monkey+++

    I've been wondering how you were coming along on the water levels . How long before you start the stocking process ? Do ya have to let it sit , and settle for a bit ? That's gonna be a nice quiet place to be able and sit back and enjoy pretty soon .
    How's the Mrs. doing by the way ??
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  19. Kamp Krap

    Kamp Krap Monkey++

    Will stock it in May/June, water vegetation will get established a long with the fish. Cranes, Egrets and Herons have been busy getting the water vegetation seeded :) And have stocked a few fish already. Looked like a little bluegill or rock bass, no getting around a few undesirable fish getting stocked by the birds. Turtles carry a good amount of vegetation transfer on their shells as well. It has filled pretty slowly overall, we have only had 6 good rains since it was started but 3 of those rains were very heavy massive amounts of fast run off rains. SO it filled in stages allowing it to settle and establish between big deluges. It will be nice and settles and stabilized before the end of May. Water PH has remained near perfect since the big downpour last July that filled the two big holes initially. Oxygen is high but that will deplete down with more life and the fish in the water. SW Winds cause ample wave action to keep it well oxygenated naturally. Springs keep it a bit cooler than I would like, thus the South arm has that long slop from 2" deep down to 10' in the center facing South. That should warm the entire lake. The Springs in and out of the lake have actually made a slow counter clockwise current that keeps the water circulating even if slowly.

    Mrs Krap is having some really good days and some really bad days. The really REALLY bad days involve a trip to the ER and a IV of Magnesium and Potassium. The Chemo just sucks those out of her even with her taking the potassium and magnesium pills. We find out in 4 weeks if the tumor has shrank enough that it can be removed. As it was in the First MRI and PET Scan to remove the tumor then would have meant removing most of the head of her pancreas. I guess the surgeons goal is to get it shrank down enough to only remove 1/3 of the pancreas head. Then follow up post surgery with another 6-8 chemo sessions to hopefully ensure every last cancer cell in the pancreas and lymph nodes has been eradicated. Fortunate that it was caught before it spread farther than the pancreas and had just started in the lymph nodes. The Docs call it early stage 3 and a very good set of odds in completely curing it. Just not pleasant in curing it. Much more complex than my neck pet tumor was, mine was just shoot it with radiation until it shrank down, carve it out, put some butt skin over it and irradiate it a few more times for good measure. Just some of that you don't have to like it! You just have to DO IT! kind of Krap. I do wish it was me and not her, I hate seeing her miserable and being helpless to do anything about it.
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  20. SB21

    SB21 Monkey+++

    Great news on the lake .
    Still sending prayers your way for Mrs. Krap . I know how you're feeling ,, wishing it was you rather than her ,, it surely is a bad feeling knowing your mostly helpless to help the ones you care the most for . I'm hoping the best for you both .
    I don't know of anything I can do to help ,, but if you think of something , just let me know ,, I'll do what I can .
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