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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Motomom34, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. nathan

    nathan Monkey+++

    I used to trap as a kid. I don't want to get back into it, but im loaning out some traps to a relative. and go out with him to run his lines a couple times.
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  2. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    I bought about a dozen traps myself for coyotes, and allowed a trapper to use my traps and land to train his sons in trapping. Any profits in skins will be split 50/50, and he will run the trap lines daily. (As required)
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  3. Bear

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    @nathan @kellory These are a good thing... I like conibears and snares... make sure to pick up a few books, parts/spare sparts and vids so you know how to set, repair and make your own... one thing folks sometimes forget it the amount of "pets" that will be let lose when things go bad... packs of once domesticated dogs or even some nasty owners with some vicious dogs.... nice quiet way to get rid of these nuisances without wasting lead... in some countries... they like the taste of these too ;)

    Traps are a wise investment IMHO... and they are cheap and last forever.... and you can set and go about doing other things... Great posts...
  4. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    I took survival training as a Boy Scout. (I'm sure it pales in comparison to the military version) so I know how to set quite a few (illegal) snares, traps, and boobie-traps. Trapping rule here require snare have a minimum size (to hold) yet the snare I trained on were quick kills.
    Did you know, a crossbow can be set to hit an animal by tripwire on a game trail, or a man forcing a locked gate? These methods are NOT LEGAL so this is for informational purposes only!;)
  5. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    A question comes to mind..... Noise makers built to fire a shotgun shell when a trip wire is caught, are illegal, because they could be used as a boobietrap, and positioned to wound or kill with live ammo. But what about one built to use propellant charges of the .22 varity seen in the .22 pellet plus Hilti-gun thread?
    Built so no bullet could exit the holder? @BTPost might know the legal problems with the design idea?;)
  6. BTPost

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    In MOST States, there are Statutes that make "Set Guns" or "Set Weapons" Illegal, and the operation of such devices as, either A Gross Misdemeanor, of a Felony. It matters NOT if you are on your Own Property, or NOT, It is still Illegal. It matters NOT of the Property is Posted, or NOT.... It is a No No, Period.... and usually considered "Negligent" under that Legal Definition... Where Live Ammunition is used, (ie Shotgun Shell, or even a Flare Shell) it is still classed a "Set Weapon" , or "Set Gun".... much better to use Infrared Lasers and Mirrors to trigger Remote Alerting Alarms, and then go out, PERSONALLY and inform the intruder, he is "Criminally Trespassing on Private Property" and subject to "Immediate Arrest, and Detainment" under the Citizens Arrest Statute of the local State.

    This is how I handle folks who show up here, Unannounced, and UnInvited, should they even come close to having an "Attitude" when confronted. I back that up, with a Winchester 1300 13 Ga. Stainless Shotty with an 18.5 In Barrel, and loaded with Slugs and 00Buck, alternating, after firing the #9 Low Base, chambered round. Never had to Dust Off anything, or anyone, except a few wayward Bears in 30 years, but is doesn't mean that I wouldn't do so, in a HeartBeat, if required. Momma stays well away, from the area, and keeps the Comm, OPEN, to the local Trooper, just IN CASE. Most folks are friendly, and just are looking for, a warm place to hang out till the Wx Clears. Those that cop an "Attitude" just get shown "The Way OUT of the Area" post haste..... or a Trip to Town, (GrayBar Hotel) via the local Trooper, and his VERY BIG Friends.....

    Just life in the Alaska Bush......
  7. D2wing

    D2wing Monkey+

    My grandfather was a blacksmith from the late 1800's to the 1930's. My dad had many of his tools in an old garage, like a hand crank drill press, a forge with a hand rank blower, and wonderful anvil and all kinds of heavy duty hand tools as well as carpentry tools. Fortunately I was able to save a few items along with my brother and nieces husband. But much of it rusted away in an old shed or junk pile and was sold as scrap by my mom well after dad died and she moved. I don't know what is left and where it is as we had a large family and a few took everything they could. But many items can be handmade from old tractor parts and common items.
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  8. Mike

    Mike Ol' Army Sergeant Monkey

    I spin a good yarn, but it's typically military in nature....

    I have made candles and soap. Looking to try making lye soap soon.

    @Bear, I saw where you were teaching the throw net. I got a chance to do so a few weeks ago. I need to improve my throwing technique, but learned a lot. I intend to buy one now, learn more. Thanks
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  9. john316

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    The Old Sewing Machine Man

    13225 N E 39th Ter.
    Anthony, FL 32617 - View Map
    Nearest landmark: Ocala, Fl.
    Phone: (352) 867-8035

    About The Old Sewing Machine Man
    sell, service, repair, reconditioning of old sewing machines and Singer featherweights.

    We specialize in Singer featherweight machines and carry replacement and new parts for them. We also have access to many parts for many older sewing machines. We sell, service, repair, & reconditionold sewing machines and featherweights, see our web site, The Old Sewing Machine Man services, repairs, reconditions, restores, sells, and collects old and antique sewing machines. His speciality is the Singer Featherweight machines (model 211). He carries a full line of parts for them as well - see the online catalog. He also has and can get many, many parts for other old, and antique Singer machines, as well as all other brands of sewing machines. Located in Central Florida between Gainesville and Ocala. See map. We are located between Gainesville, and Ocala, Fl. with a short easy drive from I-75.

    MR johnson has 10-20 reconditioned machines for sale $200-500 he wants to close up his shop and travel.
    he is a very nice man.
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