Tough Rooster!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chelloveck, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. chelloveck

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  2. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    More like missing Rooster....
  3. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Here is a tough rooster!! ;)
    is?KbKX77hROjRwu29kRUeO9s9n7f3p5nilVT_Hv96wGho is?vusiGdcEct07LfDo0viCrz12uFrfmPNKbsCBFxaloA8 is?Sla9V1RsnJcQEqfhg-jrdpR2GytIj1cOG2iV-Gxx0rE
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  4. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    Tougher Rooster...

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  5. KAS

    KAS Monkey++

    ahhh a man with true ghrit
  6. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    He was a relative of mine.
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