Tour bus crashes near Hoover Dam, killing 6

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    Tour bus crashes near Hoover Dam, killing 6

    <ABBR class=recenttimedate title=2009-01-30T18:37:21-0800>1 min ago</ABBR>
    <!-- end .byline -->PHOENIX – A tour bus crashed Friday afternoon on a highway near Hoover Dam, killing at least six passengers and injuring up to 16 others, an Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman said. DPS spokesman Lt. James Warriner said six fatalities were confirmed on the scene. The injured were taken to hospitals in nearby Kingman, Ariz., and Las Vegas.
    "We really don't know what happened," Warriner said.
    A DPS news release said the crash occurred about 4 p.m. Arizona time.
    At least four patients were transported by air ambulance to University Medical Center in Las Vegas, according to spokesman Rick Plummer, who said the Level 1 trauma center expected to receive as many as 15 injured patients.
    Some people rushed to the scene from a nearby diner shortly after the crash.
    "There was a lot of bodies on the ground. There was a lot of police officers, rangers, DPS, medical people, all over the place. It was just horrific," said Ben, a maintenance worker at Rosie's Den who would not give his last name.
    He said other vehicles were near the bus, which was turned on its side and crushed in the front.
    Warriner said the people on the bus were Chinese and were from various regions of the country.
    Plummer said the Las Vegas hospital had brought in Chinese interpreters to help.
    Both northbound and southbound lanes on U.S. 93 were closed Friday in the area because of the accident.
    The crash site is about 190 miles northwest of Phoenix.
    Authorities have a description of the culprits but have not made any arrests.
    From a recovered camera two of the assailants have been identified.
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    That was a LOT of reading to get to that picture...

    Oh darn.

    This pic was already used in a LOSE points, sucka!!!! :)
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    I know they struck again, those crazy geese.


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