Trade school, College, or just classes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BailyTheFox, Apr 23, 2017.

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    Consider taking one of the various aptitude test to help determine what you might be best suited to do... see if you can job shadow the top three jobs where you have the best aptitude. determine which one you like the best... enter training....
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    @Mindgrinder a little tough love, this post is off topic, and is down right nasty, consider removing it

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    I love you G...but please don't oppress me because I'm a white heterosexual male with country cowboy mannerisms. Click REPORT if you want to have some memetic fun via PM.

    I stand by everything i you think the OP is like you?
    She is not.
    Your car payment is prolly tripple her rent - or nothing at all because you paid cash.
    Your mortgage at some point in your life is at least 20x what she thinks it "adult $100/month rent)

    What would be SO BAD if she went hunting for a man to take care of her instead of going to trade school or college?
    Why would that be SO WRONG?
    Because mentally ill people shouldn't breed?
    Is that what you're saying?

    /me flexes white male privilege/

    Beware weaponized bipolar.
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    Lol u jerk it's not male privelege it's a misogynistic post
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    I'm not educated enufs to know ther differnce eh?
    Just talking with my feels...
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    Nobody is suggesting that having a relationship partner (male or female cis or otherwise) to help and provide loving bad....but in relation to going to college or trade schoo,l it doesn't have to be an either...or....proposition; and ultimately, it is up to Bailey to exercise whichever options Bailey might choose to pursue. Given that Bailey has explicitly asked for advice about adult further education, relationship advice seems to be unasked for, and irrelevant to the thread topic.

    See my comment above....

    Nobody is suggesting that at all, M.G. I don't think anybody here, least of all Ganado, is a proponent of eugenics by any stretch of the imagination. Everyone deserves the kind of happiness and support that comes with a loving, caring, respectful, mutually consensual relationship partner...whatever either person's health status is. Folk with mental health issues are not, (and should not be) exempt from that kind of potentiality.
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    ...... this probably sums it up.

    I am certainly not going to speak for the OP but if she does not want or like children then she bloody well better not have them, despite your almost farcical insight into it being just what women should do, let me tell you (and I do not mean this as a slight to Bailey T Fox) those women who don't like or want kids are better off not, so is society and so are the kids. Sadly I have seen more than my share of kids not wanted or loved by their parents and it is fuc%ing ugly.

    Having a caring and supportive partner in life is a great thing, certainly I can attest to that, having someone just becaus eyou want them to look after you, not so much. It is a two way street after all.
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    If you're with someone because you want/need "to be taken care of," you're not in an equally yoked relationship. You're a at best glorified house pet; at worst a user and narcissist. This applies no matter what gender you are.

    As for previous comments about having babies an all that...I'm too speechless to even go there. Everyone has the right to their ridiculous ideas; they do not have the right to have those ridiculous ideas affirmed.

    Getting back to the original topic, seeking counsel and advice is fine, but in this case I think Bailey's wishy-washy attitude is not a sign of wise thought and careful deliberation, but rather, an easy excuse to cling to others and avoid true adulthood. Until that dynamic is broken, all the thought and deliberation is just a pointless philosophical mind exercise.
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    Bailey, here is my advice as a female, engineer, wife and mom: be able to support yourself. If college isn't for you learn a trade that you can support youself and any potential children with. I know you don't want kids now but that may change. Plan accordingly. I recommend trades like welding, machining etc. there is a side of it that will fit with your artistic side but it also pays well enough for you to have a decent standard of living. I enjoy being married and my husband is my true partner. We are equals. We share decisions. This works quite well for us. If and when you marry I recommend you and your future spouse being friends first. My husband really is my best friend. No one else even comes close. We have made it 20 years so far so we must be doing something right.
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    I don't like to give advice normally, and there are some really good suggestions in here. Some are not as good, and I will leave it at that.

    The world is a sick place, filled with sick minded people. No matter where you go you will find disorder and contempt toward greatness. There are also wonderful people who are truly gifted and kind. Not everybody has it easy, and hard work can be rewarding (but it's hard, go figure) if you remain optimistic. This experience is your own, it is not mine. At some point in time you are going to have to make decisions, and you will either find a way to adjust to society and make some compromises, or resist and risk being devoured.
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    Well what ever you decide just make sure you don't rack up a bunch of student debt.
    I think of student debt as the initialization to economic slavery.
    The key first step in creating a bunch of wealthless, government dependent useful idiots. Higher education has turned into a pyramid scheme with in the last 25 years. Where the people at the top are rewarded with lavish benefits and unsustainable pensions. And guess who pays for it?

    I'm not saying education is bad. Just expensive, you have to control cost and make sure you get a return on your investments. Plenty of kids end up taking something useless like political science or getting a 4 year English degree because it's easy, rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student debt, get out of school make close to minimum wage if they can find a job.

    John Wayne once said in one of his movies something to the effect of: "life is tough and it's tougher if you're stupid".
    Which is pretty much true.

    Any one who devolves a post into monkeys throwing poo, just block them. It's usually always the same people anyways.
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    I will give an example of Self-sufficiency and Adult Independence.....
    My youngest Daughter married at 20, to what we all thought was a decent fellow... Turned out, after two children and 5 years, he decided that he wasn't up to the Husband/Father Roles, and left.... She got a very generous Child Support, settlement and went to school, to get Licensed as a Professional Sports Massage therapist... which she did to support her, the Family. She then married another decent Fellow, who turned out to have some serious Undisclosed Mental Issues, and after 4 years, decide to Blow His Brains out.... Still receiving some, but not ALL, Child Support, and with Kids in school, she went to Nursing School, and Graduates on May 10th, on the Dean's List. That evening she will marry, decent Fellow Number Three, and she has already been offered and accepted a Job, at a local Hospital, with a full Benefit Package, and good Salary. Soon to be a Husband #3 is an Licensed Engineer, and has 4 of his 5 years, working for a PE Stamp. This will be his first marriage... We, the Family, are hopeful, "Third time is the Charm ".... If one works hard, and deals with Life as it comes, one can DO ANYTHING, one chooses, and sets their Mind and makes it a Goal, to accomplish.
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    @BailyTheFox - I'd suggest a technical or trade school. I went to a technical school where I got two accredited degrees. These types of schools are geared towards and accommodate people who already have jobs and are trying to get better jobs. All our classes were in 4 hour blocks that you could take mornings, afternoons, or evenings. If my work schedule changed I could adjust my class schedule to accommodate. They also tend to have aggressive placement departments and the one I went to placed over 90% of its students prior to graduation.

    In my particular case I worked full time and took classes full time and was able to get a 4 year degree in 3 years. The third year I worked part time to I could volunteer part time in my field to get experience and references. The place I volunteered at hired me 6 months before graduation.

    Something else to note since you are female, is that 100% of our female students had job offers plus educational reimbursement by the end of the second quarter. Women are still fairly unrepresented in technology and there are incentives for companies doing business with government to meet quotas of female and minority employees (and yes, the sole black female had a job locked in halfway through quarter 1 with full educational reimbursement).

    Outside of trades and technology, I'd focus on health care. That is the number one employment field for job growth, and I do know, for example, that the VA has authority to hire nurses on the spot.
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    To say that I will likely never be able to take care of myself and should find a man to "take care of me" like a housepet is an incredibly insulting comment I have to say. I only just turned 21 in February. My anxiety/depression will likely never go away but to tell me that I will probably be no use for anything other than someones broodmare is kinda screwed up man. And to say i'm selfish for not wanting kids... I don't even know how to address the ignorance in that comment.

    Yeah relationship advice was a wee bit off-topic. But If I ever find a male willing to put up with my nonsense it will be with someone who is my equal and we'll support eachother, no imbalance of power. Everyone deserves happiness, and for many that happiness doesn't involve kids.

    This,This,This!!! Do people not look around and see all the fucked up families everywhere? So many kids I know growing up with shitty parents who are distant or just plain mean to their kids because they were a mistake or unwanted. I would never do that to a kid but telling people they're selfish and bad people for not popping out crotch spawn is terrible. Let people live their own lives, weather someone does or doesn't have kids is no-ones business but their own.

    I will not lie and say i'm not wishy-washy or avoiding adult responsibilities. Neither are intentional however and comments like this are what I need to help pull my mind out of the fog it's been in and just fricken do something.
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    My mind my very well change one day If I find a man I love who wants children of his own, I'd rather adopt but if it's something he truly wants and It felt right I'd do it. Your relationship with your husband sounds like the dream. I hope I can find someone like that some day.

    Welding is something i've been seeing mentioned a lot here and I'm going to look into it tonight.

    I've been working hard at my jobs the past year and a half but its been like beating my head against a cement wall. Nobody wants to do anything to make things better and are just miserable. No matter what I do its for nothing if my co-workers and managment have given up.

    But your comment has reminded me to keep my head up and keep working hard. Its been tough at work the past few weeks and I needed that reminder. I refuse to sink to their level.

    Yeah, I'm going to be paying for my attempt at college for awhile. A trade school seems like the way to go maybe.
    I'm not too interested in healthcare but going to a trade school for welding sounds promising, i'm going to look into it. Good to know something as silly as me being a girl might give me an edge lol
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    @BailyTheFox [applaud][applaud][applaud] for speaking your mind

    PS- I told my son about this thread. He is going to look into a welding certificate. He does not want to be a professional right now but he wants to start collecting marketable skills.
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    I just found a really fricken cool place that teaches welding, smithing, glass blowing etc and I'm super excited!! I'm interested in all of that, their class and course prices aren't outrageous either!! Time to start collecting skills!
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    Glass blowing! Wow, that is something I have always found fascinating, it is a true art. Sounds like you found a nice place to start learning. Hopefully I can find something like that for my son. Congrats Baily
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    Be careful of harmful it glassblowers lung or some such...?
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