Trade school, College, or just classes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BailyTheFox, Apr 23, 2017.

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    As long as you remember not to breath in when you should be blowing out...
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    Silicosis, IIRC. Results from exposure to the sand in glass during the melt.
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    Thank you.

    Now, I've known my share of sugar mommas and kept men, and in general they have been low class, shiftless, and not good people. Very generally speaking.

    HOWEVER, if you are in a real relationship (since being a sugar momma does not seem to be your thing), I don't see anything wrong with you letting him(/her/it?/them/lollipops) take care of things IF you are both down with the situation. Let's be adults happens all the time, and it does not HAVE to have negative connotations or imply you are being forced to relinquish freedoms. I mean, if I could get someone I liked to pay for all my stuff, I'd brag and tell everyone I knew that I was getting the better part of that deal.
    Just my $.02, take it with a grain of salt. My understanding is that opinion is not very "progressive" or whatever that means, but it is basically what you are doing when you get hitched anyhow. No judgement here regardless, and NO problems with a woman who works (be lost without mine).

    @BailyTheFox Happy to hear you found something local like that. I live in an absolute deadzone for anything useful or fun like that. I would suggest looking VERY hard at which skill will be the cheapest to fund and make a chart or something to see which one you think you can most easily sell locally. Includes scouting some RECURRING events, preferably of the type of customer you want to sell to.
    Even if it is not the skill you most want, if getting on your feet is what needs to happen, considering doing that while you are working toward what you REALLY want...been working for 3 odd years now to get a forge running. Knife/custom muzzleloaders are what I would LIKE to get into, but my market is FOR SURE something else, so I do the other thing...also gives me time to get GOOD at the more demanding art and it's dependent disciplines (sheaths, handles, etc, etc, etc) without having to sell junk and have my reputation tied to it. If you take one piece of hard earned advice for making money in 2017, listen to this.

    Good luck, and keep us up to speed.
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