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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Swedish woman, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Swedish woman

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    Commercial clothes is a worse to wear in the bush they quality is ppor and dammaage too soon and here in the cold ( winter -40 c and below summer 5 till 10 c ) are commercial clothes too cold ( i wear some 4 layers than, i begin to search to alternative clothing like the inuits have.
    Here in we have lots of winter pelts of reindeer hides so the dissicion has made that i'm make clothes out it.
    I've ordernd some books about it and started to recearch in this.
    So in Januari i begin with the work and in about 17 days i've finnished my clothing.
    Work, the cutting whas hard the pelts are strong and very tough i used a buchers knife for it, than i sew it on a machine that whasn't easy too some needles broke, but with hard work i finnished the project in 17 days.
    I've made a 2 layerd system 1st layer with the fur on the body side the 2th with the fur on the out side.
    I didn't the layers sew together , wear them seperate .
    I've made 2 hooded anoraks 2 high dungarees ( till armpit ) and boots.
    Wearing i wear the layers as follow the first layer the anorak inside the dungaree and the dungaree inside the boots the 2th layer i wear the dungaree inside the 2th layer of the boots and the dungaree inside the anorak.
    In the begin of wearing it was heavy the pelts are heavy in weight and moving goes slow.
    This i haved to learn at first, but it was fast the warmth did the work.
    I wear my pelts 24/7 out side and in side the cabin they are very comfort cant feel changes in temprature it looks like off the pelts regulate the temprature i'm also sleep in it lay down on the bad and sleep don't use blankets any more.
    Smell, the pelts have very strong smell since i wear them i smel very strong as a reindeer hide, even when i wash my self with soap and fresh water twice a week i still smell as a reindeer hinde ( my husband makes jokes about is and says he's married to a reindeer and also says thet i'm transformed in to a reindeer lol )
    My conclusion, for in the artic are wearing fur pelts the best it is heavy and difficult in begining you must learn, but they are warm strong wind and water proof, for me this project is good i didn't want commerial clothes any more for me this is it.
  2. UncleMorgan

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    Thank you, Swedish woman, for your very interesting post.

    I wonder if deer skin (which has shorter hair) would be good for the inner layer and easier to move in, especially when the temperature is not extremely cold.
  3. Ura-Ki

    Ura-Ki Grudge Monkey

    I have several large Bear pelts as well as Wolf and tons of rabbit! These make excellent outer layers over traditional skins, and especially as a cloak!
  4. deMolay

    deMolay Monkey+

    For the best and warmest see if you can find Qiviut, t is available here in Alaska and Northern Canada. It is the lightest, softest and warmest material possibly in the world. It is mostly used for under garments and insulation. Traditionally harvested by hand, and gathered from shrubs and scrub bush in the Arctic.. Now available from a few places. Very expensive. This Season's Hottest Fiber: Qiviut, the Undercoat of Musk Oxen
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  5. arleigh

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    Having inherited the creative gene from my grandfather I tend to experiment even if it does not pay off , something is learned.
    First , I live in southern California in an area that actually gets freezing , secondly I rode a motorcycle to work every day regardless of the weather.
    I was experiencing some burning cold on my arm through my jacket, and thought for an experiment how fir would work . Not having actual fir to experiment with I bought some black long haired fake fir , I made a gauntlet just for covering my arm , and it worked , so I made fake fir pants and that helped ,last I made a jacket with hood .
    As you can imagine here's this guy dressed like a Wookie driving motorcycle down the road . funny but it worked . It did not work in the rain seeing the fabric was designed for fir not leather and fir.
    I have leathers for riding normally particularly long trips, but leathers get wet and then there is drying it out, but for rain I made Naugahyde leathers and since it's plastic water runs off naturally . I used these for several years till I retired .
    I like the feel of real leather and fir and I wish society was more mature concerning their use , but I guess that's just the way it is.
    Good work on the jacket by the way.
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  6. Oddcaliber

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    Very creative, looks like something from the Mountain Man fur trapper era!
  7. Cruisin Sloth

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    Do i come over to Sweden to be sized ?
    I werk for Volvo AME / Geely
  8. ghrit

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    One size fits most.
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  9. Cruisin Sloth

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    YA right !!
    Do you know condoms are in different sizes , at least they size finger cotts , condoms they don't !!!!!
    After breaking many I had if figured..

    just kidding a funny
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  10. Swedish woman

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    May be, but the fur of hides is much softer than from deer.
    I belive that wear deer fur is a bit harder too
  11. Swedish woman

    Swedish woman Monkey

    I dont no if you are living in the arctic like us, but i think that ya can make a double layerd system too of those pelts, rabbit for the inner layer and wolf or bear for the outside layer it would also warm for you and also wind and water proof
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  12. Wildbilly

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    Not have a lot of fur and living in the South, I just buy surplus military winter clothing.. cheap, warm, durable and doesn't smell like a reindeer.
  13. Swedish woman

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    It isnt a problem for me that i smell as a hide i think i must be have a very virtue for the hides who gived ther pelts to me ind i think also that the don't died but they live , i give my body to them and get inside their pelts and that i become a sort of a hind too Yes i know im very superstitition
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  14. Big Ron

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    I found my leather jacket was very warm. Someone gave me a merino sweater and if I wear this underneath I stay really warm.
    Layering is good. I always did wonder about deer or elk skin and what side would work against a persons body.
  15. Swedish woman

    Swedish woman Monkey

    I read in this book : Sinews of Survival: The Living Legacy of Inuit Clothing - Lexile® Find a Book | MetaMetrics Inc.

    That the inuits use the fur of the inner layer on their body and the outer layer the fur outside so i have make my clothing too.
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  16. Ura-Ki

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    Bear works best for an Outside layer, and Rabbit or Fox ( i prefer fox) for the inner layer! Really Old Grizzlies are best BTW!
    For around your head, Fox tail ( Silver Fox) is unbeatable, especially with a rabbit down liner against your hair!

    Mink does exceptionally well, but is getting extremely hard to get, same as Wolf! Coyote is also a good source, but you want to wait until winter to take them, you want the winter coat, same as you would for Wolf, Rabbit or Fox!
    Beaver is also extra warm, but getting very hard to come by! Worth it if you can find it as it's the ultimate for wet conditions!

    Lastly, Large Dogs can provide very good pelts, especially my big buddy Neufy, with his exceptional under coat and dang near water proof outer coat, it's awesome, though I have to wait till he is done with it! LOL
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