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    managed to come across a deer the other night whilst walking the dog,poor thing just must have had a heart attack!

    anyhow once home it was butchered ,
    the loins,haunches and forequarters frozen down,the trim was minced in my antique Spong hand mincer,we had 8lb of venison trim and added to it 8lb of trim from a pig i butchered last month,the pork is a must as the venison is so lean the result of 100%venison sausage would be a very dry one.
    I only made 2 types today my own recipe venison sausage and a spicy one .

    my recipe venison sausage:

    4lb minced venison
    4lb fatty pork
    4 cups bread crumbs
    1tbl spoon ground mace
    1tbl spoon ground ginger
    4tbl spoons freshly ground black pepper
    1/2 pint port
    1/2 pint chicken stock

    spicy sausage:
    4lb minced venison
    4lb fatty pork
    4 cups bread crumbs
    4tbl spoons freshly ground black pepper
    1tbl spoon paprika
    1 tube tomato purée
    1 tablespoon garlic purée
    1 pint vegie stock
    2 very finely dixed red peppers
    chilli to taste.

    as i dont have a fancy electric gadget and stuffer i podged a large funnel ,cutting it down to fit under the collar of the mincer the tube trimmed to sausage size,the natural hog casings slipped over ,the mix is then pushed in the top of the micer and then minced into the skins,this is exhausting work done by hand but you get a real sence of achievement and appreciate how our grandparents worked so hard making everything !
    once done theyre traditionally linked and hung to dry for a couple of hours.
    and then the kids made me fry a pan full to try:
    thanks for looking.
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    NICELY done. Good show, old chap! My manual meat grinder comes with a wee plastic "stuffing" funnel. Nice to know I can cobble one together if the original gets lost or is broken.
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    top banana old bean![boozingbuddies]
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    Awesome dooood!
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    Bump for the hunters on here. Nice venison sausage recipe.
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