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  1. CATO

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  2. JohnAHeatherly

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    I am kinda obsessed with rocket stoves these days. May build a brick one in the back yard.
  3. beast

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    couple three rocks, a few twigs and leaves
    i can cook fine, no need to be totin extra weight
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  4. CaboWabo5150

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    Old school... Which the older I get, the more I find out is the better school...
    I am 100% convinced that the human race is dumber now than anytime in the last 250 years...
    Take an 18 year old kid 150 years ago, drop him in the woods.. Come back in 3 months he'd have a working farm, or be a successful trapper.. Do the same thing with 99% of today's 18 year old's.. Come back in 3 months, you'd probably find the skeleton...
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  5. Seawolf1090

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    That stove looks very simple - I like simple! Simple has your meal cooking nicely while your buddy is still trying to get his cantankerous stove to run...... [aiw]

    We could likely make a working stove like this from a good stout steel soup can! But the price for this one makes it very aluring!
    Certainly no lack of fuel down here in sunny Florida!
  6. Nutpantz

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    I like the concept of the air injected stoves (not loving the battery powered fan models, but that's better than me blowing)
    They just have to build one that folds up or fits in the pot I pack now. This one looks like a quality build but there is not much info on the design.
  7. Seawolf1090

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    Google "Tigoat" or similar - guy builds titanium wood stoves that break down very compact for hikers who count grams! But it ain't cheap.......

    Had a fellow MC camper a couple years back using the titanium stove inside his sylnylon teepee - it was also not cheap! Dude had more money than I do...... ;-)

    With this rocket stove, you could likely put a coffee cup or maybe a french press inside it for combined stowage footprint.
  8. Gunny Highway

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    nice little item - I have a couple that i alternate between. One of uses the old trioxene bars - I bought a ton of them and they have held up well
  9. beast

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    years ago i designed and built a portable fire ring setup
    was quite simple, 4 flat plates with ends like hinges
    3 short pins that went thrru these ends into the ground
    and one long pole that stuck in the air 2 feet
    you set the plates into a square, drove the pins and pole down thru the hinge holes
    then i had a small flat grill that slid down over the pole with a slip pin to lock it at preset heights
    and an iron hanger that sat on top of the pole
    it did work great and i sold a few of them, just a lot to carry on your back when 3-4 rocks and some sticks did everything i needed
  10. Alpha Dog

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    I use the same the only diff is I carry 6 12inch flat steel rods that I lay across rocks to set the coffe pot or pan on. They roll up in a rag and takes very little space.
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  11. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    never thought of that
    if they clip together into a grate that would be awesome
  12. GrandpaDave

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    Well here's the deal
    Yeah $30 bucks is cheap... but better still is learning how to make your own... for free... plus if your stranded away from your supplies and cant have one sent over night... isnt it better to know how to just make one?????... go check this out
    How to Make a Hobo Stove - Do It Yourself - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
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  13. DKR

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    Speaking of rocks

    WHy not one of these?

    grilliput - Design


    Lightweight, stores in itself, allows you to cook over the fire or holds a pot.

    I have seen these made with spokes and a pair of AL arrow bodies.
  14. goinpostal

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    For car camping I could use one of my four multi fuel Colemans.I have three dbl,and one sngl burner.
    For the dbl burners,I even have the kit so that I can use propane in either the small bottles,or grill tanks.
    Have hardly used any of it.I usually use a small round metal fan grill for hiking,or an oven rack with the suburban.
    Dig a hole,and shovel coals into the hole.Then you set the round fan grill over the hole.
    The dished shape raises it up high enough that it doesnt even need legs.It only weighs about 10oz..
    The oven rack you stick a log under each side to raise it up some.
    I like to stay with theK.I.S.S.method as much as possible(keep it simple stupid).Something thats less likely to break or go wrong with it.
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  16. strunk

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    I often carry an alcohol stove when I go on motorcycle trips or out into the wilderness. Very compact, and made by an American craftsman out of old pop cans & beer cans. The craftsman has a YouTube channel with extensive footage on his different designs, and also practical tips on how to eat well while packing light.
  17. hedger

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    I am partial to the Vargo titanium wood burning stove (about $59.99). I believe it is about 6 ounces, it comes with a carrying bag and it folds flat--ideal for backpacking.

    I bought one for each member of my family.
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