Train Derails in Maryland, Explosion Reported

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, May 28, 2013.

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    so i guess 6years as a conductor and 7 years as a engineer for CSX means nothing. silly. as for the spokes persons they are paid to say what the railraods want them to say to cover their butts. its all about the money. this suff happens all the time. as for being fired , no names no time or place just the facts jack. we are a skilled trade, cant hire joe smo off the street and do my job and go to work for me tommow. besides as soon as they hire you they are trying to fire you ( check out ). plus i pay for out of service insurance just for this or break some kind of saftey rule so i will still get paid any ways. but i guess i have no idea what i am taling about. silly huh.
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    Whoa! Nothing in my comment was directed to, nor meant to insult, you. My apologies that reading it brought you to that conclusion.
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    Thanks, m 99 for giving us a little insight into what it's like.

    Ten years ago, I thought about changing careers, as employment for a union electrician was always spotty at best. Norfolk Southern was hiring at the time, and I was asked to show up to a meeting after a job interview.

    Things were going a bit better at the time in the electrical industry, so I decided to not bother and didn't go. Sometimes I wonder if that was a good choice or not.
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