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    What do all of you do for training? I was thinking about this after reading some threads. Are there any drills that you do that are out of the normal that can keep you sharp.

    One that I saw on the show top shot is the two different color balloons hanging next to each other and only being able to shoot one color. With the wind and timing it made it difficult not to pop both.

    Id love to hear your ideas to keep things fresh, a lot of smart people on here!
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    If you have friends...get out and train with them...there is no amount of playing call of duty that will prepare you for not training with others.

    Anyone can shoot on a sunny day with no wind and sitting on a bench all day. Try shooting with a friend and on the move. Make sure you go through plenty of dry fire walk throughs before you go HOT. Safety above all.
  3. scrapman21009

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    i had a chance to go out to the range with some local LEO's and do some night shooting ( 3 cars w/headlights ) did great until they turned the strobes on, Lets put it this way, I discoverd my weaknesses very quickly!!! It is the simple things that you don't think will have a big effect that will bite you in the arse. I now pratice in the rain, sleet, snow, and sun, day and night, and sometime throw a cd of gunshot and crowd noise over the pa just as a distraction. The point is you never know what the conditions will be when you need your skills the most.
  4. munchie3409

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    LEO..oh please...people seem to think they are tough guys...reality is some are great shooters, but most of them don't shoot very often.

    Get out there as often as you can and if you can do it with people you will gain so much experience and knowledge.
  5. sgt peppersass

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    sounds good guys. I was curious because most ranges wont allow with people shooting on the move, especially with a buddy. Should I just do dry runs around my house? or is there courses out there that might offer what i am looking for? So far I havnt seen anything yet
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    Look for classes in your area. There are some very good ones around me. I am going to be taking a few from an example of types of class) soon. But also the Magpul Dynamics videos are good. I know they are just videos but give you some good ideas, tips.
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    Try looking into two gun matches in your area, this has helped me hone my skills a great deal, can get a little expensive but it a ton of fun. I started this a little over a year ago at a couple of the local ranges in my area, most of them are all theme based and incorparate alot of pistol/rifle in most of the stages.
  8. carly28043

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    You also might check at your local community college. Ours offers multiple firearms classes in its continuing education department. Concealed carry, several tactical shooting classes, and a home invasion defense course. These classes are held partly in the class room and partly at a gun range. Usually one of the local police training ranges.
  9. Tikka

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    Conventional wisdom would be that moving head shots require more than video game skills.
  10. munchie3409

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    Most courses offered do not have the students interacting with each other. Courses are designed more for the individual versus focusing on a team effort.

    To the OP...I agree most gun clubs have strict rules, so check the bylaws. The great thing is there are tons of gun clubs throughout the country. You may have to drive a bit to find the right gun club, but they are out start the research.
  11. Tikka

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    Unless you are totally alone; you will be interacting with someone. That is why she knows how to shoot an AR or AK, shotgun and pistol or revolver.

    Not many gun clubs are set up to handle moving live fire exercises. ;)
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    Tikka-thats what im concerned with. The club i belong to i would not even attempt to do moving drills. Thats why I liked the idea of the two balloons in front of one target. one "friendly" and one "enemy" balloon. This would help with patience and target aquisition and also not get anyone to upset (unless its someones birthday).

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll def have to check out the videos that you mentioned. Keep the ideas rolling fellas
  13. Seacowboys

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    USPSA and IDPA are two of the most fun and productive trainings that I have encountered. Find a local club and start shooting. This is serious "run and gun" and safety is stressed. The whole family can participate and in spite of what the couch-commandos tell you, shooting at paper and steel targets while moving around barricades against a stop-watch is some of the best training you can do and burning powder will prepare you much better than reading a book.
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  14. Tikka

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    If you prep, you cannot carry your preps; therefore, you will be in a defensive posture. When infantry spends the night; they dig in. When attacked they stay in their holes.

    Moving drills are for maintaining or breaking contact.

    When friends are that close to the enemy; it requires a CNS shot or the muscles do the last thing the brain said.
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  15. enough

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    If you don't mind me asking, what companies have you used for training? I'm registered for a Ranger Firearm Instruction course in the early fall, but other than my CPL course, I have never taken any classes. It seems like MGO has a bunch of fanboys reviewing the courses. I'd like to hear the good and the bad of any experiences. I'd be interested in HG, Carbine, High Power Rifle, or Shotgun.

    Thanks, and of course welcome to another Michigander. (y)
  16. jim2

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    One thing not mentioned is that one can use Airsoft guns for some good training. With these you can use a back yard or some vacant land to set up some decent training lanes. Get with some friends and set up a walk thru for shoot only at first. Shoot/Noshoot comes later. Make yourself look around for a target. Partially obscure those targets, shoot to both sides of your dominate hand, don't swap gunhands but do swap shoulders for long arms. Try it, it works. You don't need long range shots either, as over 50% are under 50 yds, and 90% are under 100 yds. Airsoft can get you there! You need'nt find a range to do this, and you can avoid violation of Opsec.

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  17. wrc223

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    Seacowboys is right about USPSA and IDPA, both of these offer practical SAFE use of your weaponry to develop the muscle memory and skill with your gear. It also allows you to learn what works and what only looks good on a catalog.
    Look at local clubs for Highpower leagues. Allows you the ability to practice marksmanship at distance in three positions under slow and rapid fire rates.
    Most clubs have shotgun venues that would allow you the ability to become proficient in the use of a shotgun. Of course shooting linear is different from shooting clays but it will get you used to handling the platform and applying that ability to shoot a target at ground level will be easier.
    I cant speak for clubs in your area but locally, if you know where and when to look you can find clubs holding classes on everything like simple home gunsmithing, hunting specific game, reloading, care and use of specific pistols and rifles, gun security/safety, long range shooting, and more.
    Read and keep learning. Apply that learning and train with what you have. Set up scenerios and work with people you plan on having near or with you. If you are or plan to go it alone, practice being invisable.
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