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    Question for all of you.

    Are there some handgun/rifle courses that are offered that you would recommend.
    Yes, I realize they would be in the USA and I may have to leave my personal rig at home North of the 49th, so I am probably looking for something that may supply some equipment as well.

    What is in the back of my mind is a course that I can take with my soon to be 16 yr old daughter so she can learn from someone who knows.
    I am self taught and have lots to learn so am careful that I don't instill bad habits out of ignorance.

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    I would recommend that you find an Appleseed Shoot, just on our side of the boarder, and bring enough American Cash to buy what ammunition you, and your daughter, will require for a weekend of shooting. Learn everything you can, there FIRST, while scouting out a Good Instructor, for Private Instruction, later on. Any Good Weapons Instructor, should be able to supply a variety of Weapons, for you both to learn on, and experience. I would also not overlook some shotgun time, for both of you, starting with a 20Ga, and see how that goes. When I was 12, my father sent me to an NRA Marksmanship Program, 1 day a month for two years, and I had to complete the course, before I was allowed to keep the ammunition for my .22 LR, myself. It was a Point of Trust, between he and I, that I have never forgotten, and have used with my children, when they were learning. I am happy to say that they ALL, are using the same Education Plan, for my grandchildren as they reach the age of 12. It is now, a Family Tradition. Things learned as a Teen, become a lifestyle, in later life, if they are associated with Family Tradition. ...... YMMV....
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    I like that, I will look up Applesee shoots today while at work. Thanks
    I trust my kid, she got her own .410 2 Christmas' ago, my youngest got a pink .22. They only get to go out with me, and not as often as I would like, but I would like them to learn enough so they can go out on their own, and I think, so would they.
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    Find 'em linked to here. -
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    Filling out the Form 6 now, waiting on a letter of invite from the fine folks at Appleseed.
    Hoping to even get to more than one of these events, they look like lots of fun.
    Thanks for the heads up on this

    I am aiming for late Sept, either ID or WA. if anyone wants to do a quick meet and greet while i'm in the neighbourhood, drop me a pm and we'll see if we can have a coffee
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