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    deleted because of controversial( [beat]criminal?) content Aappologies...I was in no way solicitng participation in any conspiratorial endeavor; thought it was interesting information to tuck away...[beat][beat]
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    Interesting educational and informatinal artical. For the sake of all involved it might be worth the reminder though that atempts to create such a network (as in one that would aid and abbet fugatives from the law) even in the planing stages without implementation could be construed as conspiracy to comit a crime which in its self is a crime and our CoC FORBIDS use of the forum for criminal activity.

    ...besides, expresing intrest (particularly on an open forum on the internet) in actualy participating in such activity would automaticly render the person forever pretty well useless in such an activity.

    That said, accademic discussion of the mechanics of how such things are done I figure would not have legal ramifications yet even if it could attract some attention to those discussing it.
  3. Tango3

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    I never knew the intricasies and thought itwould be "edu-macational"but have no problem removing it....
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    Not worried about haveing to remove it, just wanted to remind folks that we are in a public place and that certain types of discussion COULD become problematic for them.

    After all such criminal activity should be understood so we all know what to watch for to be able to assist the authorities in aprehending dangerous terrorists and such should they happen to attempt to organize such things in our areas in order to avoid justice.
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    Not to mention the edumacation of all members on what is "not right" to do. Is not knowing what it looks like so we can recognize what's bad worth it? I mean, we all know what's not good only by education, eh? We do NOT want the membership pruned by John Law. (Well, Meyah was an exception --[troll])
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    been seeking claires writings and found that, I learned quite a bit(I didn't realize the use of this "mutual aid society" in battered wives and children cases...
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    They are used frequently for battered women, abused kids, especialy those caught up in custody situations where a judge decides a childs rapist should still be able to have custody of them and such. The practice in and of its self is not the problem as it is about the same modle as the witness protection program the gov runs but if one were saying they would help fugitives from the law and offer contact info then it could easily be considered consperacy to aid and abed and if the fugatives were considered terorists or enemy comabtants then it could be considered treason. On the side of it being used for lawful purposes to announce publicly you were or would be a part of such a thing would simply disable a person from ever being able to provide a safe place or help since those searching would then know to look to them just as they would to the family of the person they were looking for.

    The article found here IS interesting and informative, I just didnt want folks to get caried away useing it as a jumping of point and into dangerous waters with it.
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    I very much like Claires stuff. I have a few copies of everything she has ever written and used to be a regular at her forum, The Mental Militia.

    Threads here on some of her writings, (Under a pen name) and the fact that she is already bugged out in an undisclosed Gulch, could be problematic because of the Thought Police and the new interpretations of free speech.

    I do in fact have the very article that was posted.
    Please have no hard feelings over this one T3, It's slightly disgusting that we have to play this game of hide and speak.
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    Agreed, I fear a weekly history discussion night at the pub would easily become a week long event with this bunch!( alright,[booze]one more round I don't have to be home until Thursday.)Same standing two day rule applies on my camping trips, leave friday,I'll be home sunday, don't call SAR until wednesday.I'll be fine.[boozingbuddies][boozingbuddies][boozingbuddies]
    claire Wolfe is really thought provoking. ordered a book yesterday.
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