Trash on the beach for a salt water purifier.

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by madmax, May 18, 2015.

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    One of the things that REALLY pisses people like me off, who love the ocean, is the trash in it and on the beach. A few years ago we dodged yet another hurricane, Katrina came through N.O, and we had started doing the Pot and Machete Challenge. Making salt water potable after a disaster got a lot of mulling over. We went to the Keys for a few weeks and I thought what would you do if you were there with nothing. In the FL heat, water is critical. So I beach combed for some material. There's a lot of junk washed up, it sounded achievable, truth is the junk has usually been afloat for awhile and it would be a miracle if drinking and cooking in any container on the beach didn't kill you will chemical toxins. So I went for putting something together with what you MIGHT fine.

    Plastic tubing. Tin foil. Coke can. ( You need a much larger container than this to stave off dehydration.)
    A sealed plastic bag or with plastic on top with a catch basin worked surprisingly well.
    We got enough to quench parched lips for awhile. No where near enough to survive. So the techniques work. Just think 10 as big as you think you need.

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    I saw something very similar to your soda can contraption on one of the TV survival shows, I think Cody built it on an episode of Dual Survival. Seems they "found" a squarish 5 gallon metal can and a few feet of small diameter pipe. He punched a hole in the top of the can and used some kind of tree sap/resin to seal the pipe in the hole, kept having problems with the sap melting and losing the seal. I seem to remember they still had lots of problems producing enough water for 2 people and had to move on to find fresh water after a day or two.

    I am always interested in ways to treat or produce water, as that is our biggest weakness at this time. I don't think any one scavenged contraption is going to produce enough, but if you know how to build several types out of varied stuff, there is a chance you can build enough to survive.

    Great post. Ziplock baggies are cheap, light weight and easy to store. I never really thought of that use.
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  3. madmax

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    I used sea grape leaves in the baggie to get moisture. I surprisingly got a bunch of water from condensation on my surfboard early in the morning. It was a great learning experience, Still not sure if I could get by on a desert island, probably not.
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    Great idea, thanks for the post
  5. BTPost

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    If you run your Condenser Line, thru a Gallon ZipLock Baggie, filled with water, BEFORE it drops into your Fresh Water Container, you will increase your Production, significantly.... Water Jackets Condensers are significantly more efficient than a straight tube.
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