Traveling with your CCW best friend: or how I pack to pack

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by AD1, Apr 27, 2016.

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    I am packing to head home from a 10 day trip to the PNW and everytime I come here, I carry my little friend ....a Glock 35 since I have a non resident CCW here.

    To pass the transport regs for AA, I have to pack the firearm in a "lockable case" and place it in my checked bag.

    Well AA is anal and when you do check a firearm, they place the "Steal me sticker" on that bag. This harkens back to the old days on American where they would place a 12x12 inch bright red(florescent) sticker with big letters saying "Firearm Inside".

    Now at least they have downsized that to a smaller red tag saying "Special Handling". To top it off only luggage with firearms inside carry this tag. So again "Steal me".


    The next thing most all airlines and TSA require is that no magazine maybe charged with ammo and all ammo must be in the mfg orig box.

    Really, WTF does it matter if the mags are full since its in a locked case, inside a locked checked bag in the belly of the plane?

    Ammo must be in the original box? What purpose does that serve..?????

    Anyway I digress... So to be safe in the loony land of liberals and Yard Darts, I dutifully follow the rules, so my baby comes with.

    Ok now for the "Steal me deterrent" .

    I use a small "pelican type hard case" large enough for 2 full sized pistols, 2 boxes of ammo and 4 or more magazines.

    The case has "lock ears" on the corners so that I can put the supper tuff Master "long shanked" locks on it.

    But I take is a step farther, I use a super tuff Master cable lock that I then run through/behind the metal stowable carry handle that can be accessed under the zippered lining.

    I run the cable lock under/behind this ridged metal frame and then before I lock the locks on the hard case, i run the cable lock through/ inside each of the Master lock shanks.


    This way the hard case is lock per the rules but it is also chained to the suitcase frame with the cable lock.

    Its not theft proof, but you would have to really work to remove the hard case with the weapons. My goal is to set up a series of barriers that would take time and delay any baggage handler and make them look for a simpler target.


    I also have the required TSA lock on the luggage. This is the small combination lock with the "key" access in it to allow a TSA agent to unlock the bag.

    Problem with these locks are most all crooked baggage handler that target bags already have a set of these. But again its part of the layered system to make someone think twice about going after your bag.

    My next layer of security is after TSA is finished "sniffing/wiping" the bag and replacing the TSA lock on it, I then take a small 4 inch long colored "zip tie" and run it through the zippers where the TSA lock is after they inspect it. Once this is complete they take possession of the bag from that point forward.

    This way when I get to my arrival airport and retrieve my bag, if the zip tie is missing I know someone has been in the bag. If it is TSA they normally place a 4x8 card saying "hey there, TSA here, we opened your bag......." I still check the case.

    If there is no Hey TSA here card, I proceed to the airline luggage desk and inform them the seal on the bag indicates an entry was made int the bag and I want them to witness me unpack as I look for missing stuff.

    When I travel especially to the Pacific NorthWest, My checked bag contains

    Pistol, ammo and magazines

    MSR Wisperlite stove and empty fuel bottle

    Small cook kit

    North American Rescue IFAK TORK Tactical Operator Response Kit - TORK - Combat Casualty Response Kits - Military

    Minor surgical kit, Israeli bandages, extra QuickClot gauze

    Standard First aide kit

    Survival pouch with fire starters, signal mirror and other goodies

    Larger Gerber LHR fighting knife and leg holder LHR Serrated w/ Sheath

    SweatWater water filter, bug kill pills etc,

    3 empty water bladders

    Benchmade Mutt Tool
    Benchmade Adamas Auto knife
    Leatherman multitool

    And other stuff.

    So even if the gun is still there there is well over $1500 of other survival kit I pack just in case the Cascadia fault lets lose and I am forced to hump my shit.

    Its quite a production, but I feel this kit and these deterrents will help to ensure I have my gear when I arrive.
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    Nice socks AD1, you're lucky I am not a baggage handler...I'd have those socks in a flash. ;)
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    The socks are to protect the Trueglo TFO fiberoptic/tritum sites. Last time the fiber optic tube came out.

    Truglo replaced it the first time for free, i dont want to test their customer service again.
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    And that is why I choose not to fly anywhere. Not to mention the TSA idiots, thieving baggage handlers, obnoxious passengers and my ears hurt at certain altitudes.
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    When the paycheck depends on you traveling, I dont have a choice right now.
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    I would suggest one addition to your case. A complete list of the contents, in written form. That way there is less chance of argument, if something does show up missing. Not just a "hey, my snickers bars are gone, and my gold brick worth $10,000.00" (it shows that you are not just claiming a fake loss. ) being me, I would also snap a few pics on my camera.
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    A man of many words Bishop [LMAO] ....
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    Indeed, AD1, mostly yours. ;)
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    the last time I traveled they made me put ammo and clips in a separate case. Good to know they got over that. The original box rule is because they think people actually throw the boxes out and don't reload. :rolleyes:
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    Do you really expect rules that make sense from people who do not even understand what they are saying?
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    A great thread on your traveling adventure with a firearm and kit!!!
    Thank you for sharing your procedures for securing the weapon. I am sure there are some that may incorporate your tactics. :)

    On another note..... I don't feel so good about being mentioned.... in such proximity to the NW liberal loons!!!!
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    Sorry I could not help myself
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    Nice razzin', AD1

    Amazing how the Rep in Kell's post thought that once the magazine was exhausted, it could no longer be used.
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    @AD1 You do realize that it violates Federal Statutes for Any Tag, that is exclusive, to be placed on a piece of Baggage that has a FireArm, inside... Also, the Feceral Statute states that Only the Owner of the FireArm may posses the Key to the Locks on the Hard Sided Case that contains the FireArm... Also if the TSA should REQUIRE you to allow an inspection of the actual FireArm, such inspection MUST be preformed in your presents, and the TSA is FORBIDDEN, by their own Regulations, to handle the FireArm... That you must be the only one that does so... InTheir presence. When I travel, I always have my Browning HiPower in my Checked Baggage, and have for the last 40+ Years... When I was a FED, all I had to do was show the Screener my Credentials, and that was it... Now, I show them my Passport, and FFL, WHEN Declairing my FireArm, at Baggage Checkin, as well at TSA Special Screening. They just swab the outside and inside of my Bag, and pass the swab thru the Sniffer... EXCEPT IN Austin, TX... The only Airport I ever had an issue at. This Yahoo TSA BIG SHOT decided he wanted to "See" the FireArm, and I presented him with a copy of the Federal Statute, and he decided to get in my face. I went along with his BS, but had AlaskaChick record the whole thing on her iPhone. Then after he did his thing, I informed him, that I wanted a copy of his Credentials, WHICH I GOT, and that I had the whole incident recorded, and would be fileing an OFFICIAL Complaint with TSA HQ... I received a very apologetic Reply from TSA, acknowledging that their Man had indeed messed up, and they would be ReTraining their Staff, at Austin, with correct procedures... I will be going back to Austin this June, and we will see, if that has happened... Somehow I doubt it...
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    Went in and out of Austin last October and did not have any problems with my pistol. Don't understand the "steal me tags" you guys are talking about since the tags are on the inside of the luggage.
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    This anecdote underscores the importance of knowing the law, knowing the rules and regulations and complying the hell out of any them with minor self important officials who does not properly know or understand same. Contemporaneous note recording of the interaction helps in sorting through any "he said -she said " BS weaselling by officials. Being prepared with the appropriate documentation helps a lot.

    Well Done Bruce!!! It's nice when the (Big) little man puts the dictatorial minor official back in their place. (y)
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    I will concede that travel for pay is a necessary evil. My flying cause I have to days are over. I've dealt enough with airport personnel and it never left anything other than a bad taste in my mouth.
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