Treasury 5 & 7 year auctions fail miserably

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Tango3, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Re: Treasurey 5& 7 year auctions fail miserably

    How much longer can the Fed hang on... When will congress breakdown and accept America's cries for a Fed Audit? Never.

    It will never happen, unless its so watered down and unrevealing that it can't hurt the system. Its going to take a congress of libertarians to do it.
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    Re: Treasurey 5& 7 year auctions fail miserably

    Let us project this scenario further down the RED Fiscal Road:

    1. We can not sell enough foreigners on the security of our "securities".
    2. We then buy our own debts
    3. By printing more fiat paper
    4. This is closely parallel to a bird ( feathered or aluminum ) flying in ever concentric circles trying to hide by flying up its own ass etts. :D:D:D:DNice try but--.

    5.Rampant inflation is going to follow then a repudiation / default on this currency followed by a "new" currency so the spending game can begin anew.

    Prove me wrong by historical facts, please. Look at Russia circa1917 and Argentina for past and current examples---

    Laus Deo
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