Trees of Southern Appalachia

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    I found this article and thought I would share. Really makes me wish I lived in Southern Appalachia so I could utilize this knowledge. But knowing that the trees mentioned in this article have so many uses, I know that there are trees near me that can be utilized more then I know.

    Foraging wild food requires practice, knowledge, and experience on your landscape. Notice I used the word your land. What you’ve read in books and watched on YouTube may not apply to your locale. While survival principles may never change, self-reliance is local.

    Many of us are self-taught in skills of wilderness living. However, one way to shorten your learning curve is to find an experienced skills practitioner in your area who is actually Doing the Stuff. After receiving instruction, you gain knowledge. Knowledge weighs nothing but is not enough. You make knowledge applicable through time and experience and context. There is no substitute for time in your woods.

    How Cherokees Used Trees of Southern Appalachia for Food, Medicine, and Craft
    There are other articles on different trees and their uses.
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    Super post. All of those trees have wide ranges, and some are probably local for just about everybody.
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    I live in Southern Appalachia and in the isothermal belt. Thanks for the post.
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