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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Hillbilly549, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Hillbilly549

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    Anyone using these in their battery banks? Just curious of any experiences with them.
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  2. BTPost

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    We have 1200 Amphours of L16HDs@24Vdc here at this cabin and have 480 Amphours@12Vdc at the new Place. We will be installing 900 Amphours of L16HDs@48Vdc along with a Trace4048 at then new Place this Spring... We get about 8-10 Years of service from these Batteries, and are on our fourth set for this Cabin...
  3. Altoidfishfins

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    I just installed 8 of the GC-2 Trojan RE Flooded batteries in my remote solar site last December (450 AH @ 24 V) Almost immediately overcast weather hit for two days, but they powered my Travel Trailer continuously (solar site is separate from the Travel Trailer), even though solar charging was severely limited. The battery bank took about another two days to reach full charge after that.

    The weather was cold, so the furnace was running every few minutes throughout the nights, representing quite the drain. I don't have numbers so I can't be too specific.

    Last time I used Trojan standard golf cart batteries (RE type were not on the market yet) and they lasted eight years. That was with only a single bank of four (24V system).

    Of course, they ain't cheap. But for something that you need to depend on, you don't necessarily want cheap.
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  4. BenP

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    LifePO4 batteries work great for off-grid applications where you can go days without a 100% charge. We run on 300ah of LifePO4 batteries, it would probably take at least twice that many AH to use lead acid.

    LifePO4 batteries like to be under charged.
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  5. 3M-TA3

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    I'm SO glad this thread is about batteries...
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  6. Hillbilly549

    Hillbilly549 Monkey

    I know man, but my goodness are they expensive. I'm still weighing out all the pros and cons...specifically whether or not I want my maiden voyage into off grid power to be with something so expensive that one screw up could really ruin my year.
  7. BenP

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    They are expensive, shipping is expensive, it would be nice if you could find some CALB batteries in the US and go pick them up. I bought these and balancer boards from the same company to keep them in sync: 100Ah 3.2V 6C Aluminum Encased Lithium Battery | Electric Car Parts Co
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  8. Hillbilly549

    Hillbilly549 Monkey

    You're running a 24v system correct? I think you mentioned that in my other thread. So you're running 8 of those lifepo4 in that right? Forgive ignorant questions please.'re also running a 300 Ah bank? So, you have 24 of these cells total?
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  9. BenP

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    Yes, exactly. I started with 8 then added more later.

    My wife and I both work and we have two kids in school so we need a lot of power. With this setup we can pretty much do anything but run a blow dryer and vacuum without much concern. She can use the blow dryer and vacuum but only when it is sunny. I keep a pretty close eye on the system but for the most part it seems to handle our day-to-day activities. I usually have to run the generator once a week or so in the winter if we have had multiple days of cloudy weather and maybe once every two weeks in the summer if my wife pulls a sneak attack on the system with a crock pot or something similar on a cloudy day.
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  10. Hillbilly549

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    We're going to do gas for our water heating, although I might look into your method in the winter, saving gas is saving money as well. TV will be non existent except may be a half hour a day for our little girl. Gas stove. Bye bye electric coffee pot and hello French press. I'm honestly struggling to find much more than a few lights, fridge and freezer that we'll need much power for on a consistent basis.
  11. BenP

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    We have been using this for 10 years or so, it makes great coffee from a few grounds. It looks like we are using about 35 gallons of propane per year.

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  12. BTPost

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    Nice HT in the Background.... Not Likely to carry it in a Shirt Pocket, with that antenna, though...
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  13. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    If your just starting into RE and need to get feet wet , I'd say start with FLA Trogens , you can be mean to them , other than other styles of cells. I have pushed and ruined a few cells over time. I started with GC105s that were used and found out the water usage and time of life left in those .
    RE since Trace years .
    I have Robins stacked 4024 with the DC250 and the T240 .

    The C40s have been updated to Robins Classic's 150 here.

    I have updated to these :MidNite Solar Inc. Renewable Energy System Electrical Components and E-Panels

    I should list the units here under the for sale area.

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