Trooper kills granny, case dismissed

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    Trooper kills granny, case dismissed


    An on-duty Florida Highway Patrol trooper who killed a grandmother in a 90 mph collision has had his case dismissed after the officer who gave him the citations missed his trial.

    A newly-released video of Detrick McClellan’s court hearing shows how troopers in the court room laughed as a distracted judge dismissed the case, before they shook the officer’s hand.

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    The officer who wrote the ticket didn't want to get "Dorner'ed" so his boss and union rep told him it would be best if he just stayed home sick on court day.
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    It's a good 'ol boys club. I bet they really were laughing, too.
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    There are some good cops out there but if they don't start policing their own they could wind up dead in a bar ditch along side the bad ones. Not advocating but I would understand.
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    Sounds like a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The question I would like to ask is, if the LEO who wrote the citation was vital to the case, why was the trial not held over with a continuance until the pr1ck was dragged screaming from his "sick" bed? The other question is why the union rep and the officer's boss were not prosecuted for "suggesting" to the LEO that he should be "sick" on the date of his trial for the benefit of his health?
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    As always, the accused is entitled to face his accuser. We know why the accuser didn't show up. In all cases that the accuser being a no show, the case is dismissed unless the prosecutor picks up the loose ends.
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    You gotta love the American Justice system.
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    The JUDGE has the option to issue a Bench Warrant for such a witness, who avoids an issued supenia.... which the Prosecutor SHOULD have issued..... and the Judge can ALSO hold the supenia'd Officer, In Contempt for Court should he choose NOT to comply..... This is ALL, Good Old Boy Networking between the Judge, Prosecutor, Supervisor, and Union Rep..... if any one of them, had followed thru, the Officer would have been compelled to show up, and Testify.....
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    I'm seeing red, not blue.
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    NO!! Fify.
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    This case is in the forefront of the local news down here right now. That officer no longer is a trooper. Several troopers in higher admin positions have been let go or disiplined as well. The attorney general of the state is investigating the 7 officers who were in court and in the video with a microscope ...... they best be squeaky clean or they will be pink slipped as well.
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    That, tac is both bad news, and good news. Bad news in that there seems to be endemic in the culture of that organisation that they are a law unto themselves, rather than faithful upholders of the law; and that the chancre of cover up and dissembling is as big and as ugly as it seems. The good news is that the department seems to be getting a good reaming out, and that hopefully the salutary lesson will not be lost on any other slackers and backsliders.

    The alleged collusion to pervert the course of justice still needs to be examined though in my opinion.
  14. jim2

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    All part of the "Just Us" system.

    We seem to have some decent LEOs around here, but it does make my blood boil when this sort of thing happens.

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