Trophy Winner Or Survivor Real Life At Its Worst And Best

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    Trophy Winner

    The Shooting Match

    In a day at the shooting range a trophy shooter is ready for a try at the season’s Trophy. A lot of practice and money has gone before this event. The shooter is out fitted with the latest equipment. Special Holster, gun belt and magazine carriers or speed loaders. The weapon is a specially prepared high dollar gun, breathed on by a Gun Smith well versed in his trade to provide the most accurate gun and still be within the rules of the Shooting Organization to which the shooter belongs. The Gun and even the Ammunitions meet all the specifications of the Shooting Organization which overseas this event. Should any charge of misconduct or inappropriate equipment be levied at the end of the day the rounds may be weighed or have their velocity tested. Different rules apply for each group. The shooter looks around, says high to his friends and scans the crowd for his loved ones, he sees a neighbor who is a County Sheriff’s Deputy, nice to have the Law Enforcement groups present, some are also shooters today. He is also supported by friends and other neighbors who have come in hopes of seeing the shooter win the season’s Large Trophy, a symbol of his skills and money well spent on his equipment and the time spent to hit the metal targets at a given distance on the battlefield of the target range. This test of skill is of a known set or targets at known ranges, a set number of rounds will be fired in a time period, rules vary but missed shots or missed opportunities due to equipment failure is counted against the shooter. All targets are in place, the range has been groomed and a safe backstop for spent rounds is part of the system. Safe gun handling is paramount, should a shooter make a mistake in pointing his gun in any direction but the target range he may be disqualified he may be see the season’s work done for and the Trophy disappear to another shooter’s home. All is safe and the sun is shining bright today so each target is well outlined in the shooters assigned area. He slips on the custom shooting glasses and adjust his hearing protection, shakes his shoulders and adjust his special gear and belt, he is ready for the contest

    All is ready, the start signal is given, the shooter’s progression is a set route, the gun works to perfection, the hand loads hit their mark and in a matter of seconds the deed is done. The gun is safely holstered, the shooter knows no missteps were made and now he turns to saunter, in an oh so accomplished way, back to the safety of his friends family and other shooters. NEXT Shooter up, he hears as he thinks of the Trophy he expects to win latter in this bright sunny friendly day. He is finished for the day so he proceeds to his private area and wipes down his gun and puts it in the special case, well not really, after all he is at the range so like a conquering hero of old he walks around to the concession stand with his gun safely stowed in its special holster, waiting for the scores to be tabulated. Waiting for the Trophy presentation and his award.

    The Homowner

    It’s late, he’s tired the coffee is stale on his breath, his stomach growls and gurgles. Only 18 hours ago he had walked out to his vehicle to go to work only to find broken glass at the driver’s side. His window was busted and he found that cargo was missing. Damn he was a victim of some petty thief. The homeowner said a few seldom uttered cuss words and went back to the security of his home. Time to call the Police, call work and let them know he’d be in late. But that was a long time ago and sleep was now calling. The homeowner was so sure that the thief would be back to finish the job that he had rigged a look out to be able to have a clear view of his area. A sturdy chair was tied to a strong coffee table. The chair was well tied and access seemed easy earlier in the evening, but now the adrenalin was wearing off, muscles were stiff and a doubt was creeping into the homeowner’s thoughts. Then too he needed to go to work today for the police had come late to interview him and he had already missed one day’s pay.

    He lay down for just a moment on the couch, sure that he would recover to full alertness after a short cat nap. AWAKE! All of a sudden he was fully alert, did he hear something or did he just sense a problem? His mind raced as did his blood. He sensed “THEY” were on the way. He woke his wife and asks her to be prepared to “Call the Cops”.

    The homeowner checked his gear, a Winchester ’94 30-30, a Colt model 1910 32ACP, both inherited from his dad and a Kabar an issue item that followed him home after his military service days.

    The rifle had limited capacity and he had no idea what he would face, he knew the old Colt was good to 10 yards and the round nose full metal jacket bullet had always feed into the chamber. The rifle had some good Deer rounds, Silver tips they called them, also inheriated with the ’94 some years back. The pistol was tucked into his waist band near the small of his back, the Kabar was worn old fashioned Bowie style tucked in belt at his left side with the retainer unsnapped and out of his way. Both side arms could be easily concealed if need arose. The rifle was handy at the door for the homeowner’s intent/plan of action was to catch what he figured to be a neighborhood kid being stupid and returning to the scene of last night’s crime.

    Seemed easy enough, a good look out/FOP, communication net work in place and now only time till sunrise. A truck cruises slowly by, backs up, parks and two guys unass the passenger side. The driver kills the engine. Thoughts race, 3 of them, wonder if they are armed wait and watch. The two thieves approach the homeowner’s vehicle. The homeowner can see they have previous knowledge of his vehicle for they go right for the broken window and reach inside. Call the Cops the homeowner says as he starts toward his front door. All along hoping that their prints will match what the PD lifted from the crime of yesterday.

    Outside things unravel, a quick sweep of the neighborhood shows no neighbors out, good or bad it is what it is. The two thieves are quickly herded into the confines of the homeowner’s entry way, he had locked the door as he left. The jabber starts from the thieves, the lies flow and the homeowner notes the truck leaving. The proof mounts that these saps have been left and this is good for he hopes the police will arrive soon.

    More things unravel at the insane moments as one thief decides to make a break. The homeowner, not inclined to shot a man in the back, tells the remaining thief, let’s follow him, they did and as the truck raced by the homeowner fired two disabling shots at his moving target. The truck turned a corner, still in sight but some 100 yards away, the homeowner fired, the truck was hit three times. The truck stopped , the thief who ran away at the homeowners front door scrambled into the cab. As the homeowner was preparing for a sixth shot a car turned from a side street into the line of fire. Rifle came up to Port Arms, no reason to chance hitting an innocent.

    The last thief gets antsy, he is now mostly deaf for he was in front of the weapon when the 5 shots were fired. He reaches for something. GUN! The homeowner pulls the pistol in his waist band, not really sure what was left in the Winchester ’94, hard to keep track in a real world action, harder still to reload in front of the thief and give him an idea that the '94 might be empty. At ten feet the thief figures he doesn’t have a chance for in his eyes the homeowner now holds two loaded weapons to his hideout. The homeowner instructed the thief to march back to the house, the homeowner figured he’d be better chancing leaving the weapon on the thief than trying to disarm him at close quarters or having the weapon in the thief’s hand if he instructed him to drop it.

    So they marched, in the dark and the quiet back the way they came, at the next corner they were met by two PD Officers. The thief had his arms way above his head and the homeowner instantly identified himself. The homeowner was glad to hear that the PD was there in force, three cars had arrived quietly while the shooting was happening. The PD had been provided information on what the homeowner was wearing and what weapon he had. So as they meet they disarmed and cuffed the thief and “suggested” that the homeowner clean up his brass.

    Back at the home and the PD are photographing the scene, this includes the watch tower inside the home as well as the vehicle and the captured thief. Calls are made by the PD and a Sergeant is dispatched with the previous nights report on the burgled vehicle, all to tie things together.

    Looking around the homeowner now sees State, County and PD officers, all are friendly and wishing him a better tomorrow.

    OVER or so it seems, it is all a blur. Everyone leaves as the sun comes up, quiet, empty, alone. The homeowner goes inside to get ready for work.

    Work was a place of solitude, no one knew of that nights events and work was a pleasure.

    Arriving home the homeowner spots a business card stuck between the door and the door frame.

    Scribbled on the back was “Call me about last night’s events” on the front was “Detective Homicide Division etc”.

    And the homeowner wondered if someone was killed the night before.

    THE Call was made, the Homeowner was told that in any shooting a Homicide Detective was assigned in case the person shot died. The driver of the truck had been hit with the 5th shot during his attempted escape the night before. Well a bit of luck, all 3 had confessed to the Police that they had been the ones who broke into the truck the night before and stole tools and came back with a borrowed truck to clean out the rest of the gear on the second night. This was basically what they admitted to the homeowner as they whined and begged to be let go while being held in the entry way of the house in those first early hours of this adventure. Now two were in jail and one was in the hospital.

    The homeowner cleaned his weapons and went to sleep.
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