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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by monkeyman, Aug 18, 2007.

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    I went to the local orphaned firearms adoption center after I got home and found a bueatiful Tauras PT945 with rosewood grips that begged to come home with me. So I got the papers in order, payed the fee and home we went. But then came the problems. I ran just over 200 rounds through it, mostly of UMC balland between 30% or so of the time with thes rounds as well as the 9 hydroshocks and 20 or so Winchesters fed through it would hit slide lock while it still had rounds in the mag. Out of the shots fired there was also 3 FTEs.

    Now from what I understand it ad only had 150 rounds or less through it before I got it but with the frequency it went to the smith after the first 100 or so and he figured the only thing that would cause it would be a weak slide lock spring so a new one was ordered and it was replaced but nothing improved, in fact IIRC all the FTEs were after that. So took it back to the adoption center the other day and had it sent back to Taurus to see if they can get it straight. Hopefuly all will be straightened out soon.

    I was just curious if anyone else had similar experience with them or knew what it may have been? Also figured if I can get them to post I will show of pics, hopefuly soon she will shoot as good as she looks.
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    I've never fired one of those Taurus pistols, but what you experienced is somewhat common. Here's a few things to look at:

    1: Use a new factory magazine, and note the condition of the feed lips on the new magazine before racking the slide and firing the pistol. If the feed lips are somewhat dull when new, but come out somewhat shiny after being racked, the slide lock groove may be improperly cut. The slide would be slowed down by this, and possibly allow the slide lock to engage.

    2: Remove the slide and take a good look at the slide rails and slide rail grooves on the slide/receiver parts. There may be some burrs that are slowing the slide, or perhaps improperly machined rails/grooves. Usually, you can see a shiny area where the rails are dragging through the grooves, and that could cause the slide to slow down.

    3: Just to make sure that "human error" isn't involved, give your pistol the "death grip" with both hands, and make sure that your wrists and elbows are locked solid when firing.

    4: I have a Glock 19 that, when brand-new, gave me a lot of grief. Quite a few stovepipes, failures to eject, and even a "frozen" slide. It wasn't the mag, nor was it the turned out to be an under-sized machining of the chamber. That SHOULD have been caught by the factory, but it wasn't. After doing a "no-no" (using an over-sized "Tornado" stainless steel bore brush on the chamber), then a thorough cleaning, the pistol fired flawlessly. The casings were sticking in the tight chamber.

    There may be other things that you can do, but for now, check the above-mentioned things to see if the problem is solved.

    P.S.: You ALWAYS have to wonder why someone wants to sell a handgun, especially one that has only been fired a few times! Quite often, however, what one person might think of as being a piece of crap can turn into a "deal" for you, if you take a little time and patience to make it work properly.
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    Thanks. At present its at the factory to see if they can figure it out. I dont think the slide slowing down would cause it to slide lock on this one though since the spring holds it down and the mag is supposed to push it up whrn the platform comes up and pushes it up. I will have to try the above though if it comes back not fixed.
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    If it doesn't work when you get it then send it back again. I have always heard of the Taurus lifetime warranty on their firearms, so I am curious to see how they handle it. Hopefully it will be back better than new.
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    Yeah I sent it back through the FFL I got it from since Im not positive if the warranty extends to me or not since I was the second owner. It kind of looked to me from the paperwork with it like it was only for the original owner of it.
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