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  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    Some pictures of the day float fishing, caught lots, and great fun, my Wife and father in-law and I went fishing.
    DSC00088. DSC00089. DSC00090. DSC00091. DSC00092. DSC00093.
  2. CRC

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    Beautiful , Quigs...! :)

    Looks like I need to find an exploring partner and find some of those Rivers and Springs I hear about here in Florida......It's about time!
  3. homeshow

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    CRC there are some great spots in north florida get an aerial photo and look for the water. finding the spots is half the fun.
  4. gunbunny

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    My wife and I keep trying, three times now, but every time I get a trip planned (getting our outboard serviced, checking the tents, new speargun bands, preping the inflatable, etc) a stupid hurricane gets all riled up and stops by southern Florida. It only has to get within 100 miles to screw up the visibility and boating conditions in the intercoastal waterway. I love Florida, and been camping on islands for years now, but the last three years has been a total washout for us also.

    Oops, I got a little off track. Quigly, your trip looked like fun, but personally (a character flaw I guess) I can't stand fishing with a rod. I'd rather shoot them with my speargun. That water looks nice and clear, probably pretty cold to boot, but way too shallow for me. Where I live, we have a big river called the Susquehanna. It is about a mile wide at most spots. It is also less than knee deep at most spots. The most worthless river in the world, concidered non-navicable. Too many shallow spots, water depth fluctuates too much, too many dams, icky water.

    I put our boat in at least once a year so I remember how bad it is. Every time I put her in I strike the lower unit on something... Here's some pictures of my wife and I, and remember, we are in the middle of the river; the riverbank on the other side is about the same distance as the shoreline in the pictures. Our river sucks.
    Picture1 340 (Medium). Picture1 342 (Medium).
  5. ghrit

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    GB, I passed over the Susqui at Great Bend today. Maybe 100 wet yards wide this far upstream, and there was an awful lot of bottom showing along the edges. I guess it's been pretty dry up north. There is a boat ramp on the southern edge (west bank) just upstream from the I-81 bridge, I've not seen it used. But if I were to use that river, I'd be using a jet, not a prop. (Quigs knows jets, about all they use on the Columbia above The Dalles.)
  6. ColtCarbine

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    Did you get to enjoy the day's catch or is that river, catch and release?
  7. Quigley_Sharps

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    its an enjoy river you and the famliy should come over next spring and we should make a long weekend out of it, get the melbos, and Conhagers family as well.
  8. Tracy

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    Quite a difference in flow/level from last year, isn't it?
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