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    First let me say that I'm a retired long haul driver.Forty years worth. HK has it mostly right. Budd bars and "tire billys" are routinely carried by the drivers seat. But any cop CAN bust you for having a weapon within reach if he happens to be an asshole looking for one more ticket for the day. He knows it won't stick in court but he also knows the driver will usually just pay the fine by mail or bond if it's low enough simply because of time and hassle. Gotta pay for city or county services somehow. A truckers friend better be in the side compartment or tool box.That said I personally have never been hassled for it. But yes it can be considered a weapon. Mostly state troopers or a county deputy have more important things to do than that. Now if your in urban California or New Jersey that goes out the window. Many drivers also carry firearms hid or concealed but that is a federal felony if caught. Boils down to how much your safety is worth and more importantly how big of a mouth do you have. Just my experience.
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    Yup, I made hundreds of trips, mostly personal in nature, while building our home and just living a good life.

    I never got out of the truck to check a load with out my Boomer Pipe/Cheater Pipe, of course not as a weapon but "just" to check the load!

    Smart Cops know how dangerous the road can be and I was never hassled by a Cop or a Lookie Lou who may have been sizing me up for his next hit.

    The Boomer is actually the tool used to secure the load and can be killer if not used right.

    Two basic types are used and this with chains since they were around long before the nylon straps.

    This is a Ratchet Boomer/Binder and is OK but has a lot of parts to freeze in place and not one I use.


    This is a Lever Boomer/Binder and is the one most often used with chains.


    There is a third type , Cam-Action reduces whip-back for safer operation.
    used that I like to use for my Tractor Hauling because it has a two part lever and as you go past the fulcrum point it allows the boomer to continue into its lock position without taking your arm or the Boomer Pipe with it. good for tight places with pinch points such as inside trailers etc.

    If you ever use the lever type and have a heavy strain, then you will hear a loud Boom as it cycles into the lock position and the Handle hits the load of pipe. So you can die or get hurt pretty bad if you make mistakes.

    Boomer Binder aka Man Killer for the novice.

    From Chain Binders - Ratchet and Lever Load Binders
    "Ratchet Binder
    Utilizes a ratcheting mechanism to tension the chain and secure the load. It features a ratcheting handle and a tension hook on each end. Ratchet load binder styles are generally considered to a more safe option compared to a lever binder. The ratcheting mechanism means the handle does not store energy, which reduces the risk of the handle recoiling and snapping back towards the operator.

    Lever Binder
    Also called a snap binder, it uses leverage to tighten chain and secure the load. It also features a hook on each end. While lever binders are generally easier to use than a ratcheting binder because they have a more simple design and tighten more quickly, the lever stores energy which increases the chance of the lever releasing and snapping back on the operator. Users will often use a “cheater bar” to gain leverage on lever, which can also be dangerous."
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    Been retired for nine years and still have a "headache" rack setting in the yard.Turned the side boxes into shop storage.
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    Still have my old flat bed short haul 454 gas eater setting under a tree. Made the bed and headache rack myself since most commercial models were just too flimsy 40 years ago.
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    Just think, gas keeps going down that "ol big block could be profitable again. [winkthumb]
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    Been thinking about that, problem is it has the QuadraJunk and having rebuilt it once I think I'd just as well go with a new Edlebrock.

    I last had it rigged with Gin Poles and used it to build the shop. It's set since around '96.
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    Go with the Edlebrock and order a jet kit with it. You'll use that quadrajet for target practice and pay for the ammo in fuel savings.
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    No doubt!
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    Gas is not so bad since I put the Gear Vendors Overdrive behind the T400.
    Made a good 6 speed transmission out of it and a good Trailer Hauler to boot.

    Did that back in"90[​IMG]


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    When I was just a kid working as a welder's helper part of the job was to deliver to our job sites. Had a cheater pipe slip through my hands and go flying off the end of a boomer. Flew across the site and just missed a guy walking by. Scared the $#!% outta me and I've never forgotten that day.
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    While loading or unloading I made sure the helpers/my kids stayed far away!
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