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  1. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    Well, I am an old guy, who has been living off the grid for almost 15 years now. I live about 26 miles from the nearest town of any size (7,000 people) and really love it. When you decide that this is the lifestyle you want and for those with you, there are a lot of things you should consider carefully before makeing the jump.

    First of all, are you retired or independantly wealty ? If so fine, but if you are one of us less fortunate ones, you will still need to generate an income in order to eat if nothing else. We will use my town as an example for this site. It is first of all prodomenatly LDS (Morman) and very heavily controlled as such. No I am not one of them. Finding a job here was next to impossible as I again was not one of them. But even so, unless you have a skill that is really needed , then trying to find a job will leave you on welfare at best. Most small towns tend to take care of their own before all else. You go to the local hardware store and ask Jimmy Joe who is looking for help . Jimmy Joe says his brother bob needs help cutting hay. He makes a call and you go to work. But as a newbie in town you go to Jimmy Joe and he won't know anyone looking for help. This is how it really is most of the time.

    Now, you have already found a job or are starting your own small business , so you are now looking at land. Having a good idea in your mind of what your looking for, you buy it. But like in my position, there was no elec. wires anywhere close and would not be in many years to come. So, we come to Solar/Wind/Generator living

    This is where I say to you, Welcome to Off-Grid Living !
    I know, it doesn't seem like a big deal at first. A "friend" told you there is nothing to it. Just buy a couple of solar panels and batteries and presto, everything works. Not in my lifetime could it be that easy. This is where I come in. I already live in this position. I am going to share this experience and knowledge with you in the hopes that you will either save money and or do it right the first time out. I will try to help you bypass those hazards and also the "salesman" that will take your first born from you for little or nothing from him but problems. I am not an expert by any means, but do have a little basic knowledge of how elec. works and sure have the practical know-how to get it up and working.

    So, have said all that, I once again Welcome to the new forum !
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    I think that's one of the largest hurdles to moving off grid. Most of the pieces of land I've come across that would be perfect for self sustainable living were not located around any external sources of income. Even if you had enough money for the land and the initial set-up, you still have to pay taxes and that means you have to earn cash somehow.

    The Internet is a bit of an equalizer to this if you have a way of producing goods through a cottage industry and selling them online but the internet is also extremely competitive.

    Me and a few others here have seriously kicked the idea around but are still too tied to the outside world as our source of income. At least my field allows me a decent living in much more rural areas than most.
  3. Nadja

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    Mel, I make my entire living (what there is of it) from the internet. While the economy was good, so was my bank acct. But right now, it is not to hot. One of the nicest things about this though, is that if I should have to move, so does my computers and of couse, my web sites don't care where I live. But it does take a couple of years or so to get it really working due to the competition and just like a brick and morter store, you need repeat customers. So, the time to start is now, then when you decide where you are going to settle, you will already have your web sites / stores up and running. I use Yahoo, as they only cost me about 15.00 each, and give me all the space I want. Their back up is actually pretty good and the tools and site builder tools are free. Then by using Paypal for the years from ebay, it is also built into the system from yahoo and free. Shopping cart is there free also from ebay if your verified as a merchant. Actually pretty good all in all. Just remember, you aren't getting any younger.
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    Living Off-Grid is a dream for most folks, and it does take a LOT of preparation, understanding, and finding a nitch that allows for such. I have been doing it, full time for 20+ years, and finding, and getting into that nitch for the previous 25 years. Once you arrive, and learn the ropes, it is a wonderful lifestyle, but the hardship, is getting there in the first place. I start collecting my Government Rocking Chair Money, (Social Security, so please keep paying in so I can collect) next summer, and it will double my annual income, but I reTired in 2003, so my income settled down to my pension, and investments. Getting things setup was the work of 1/2 a lifetime, and it is here that persistence pays off. If your young, you need to start now, in the planning, and looking for that nitch. If your old, then you better have saved a Nest Egg, or have another steady income source, to hold you and keep the groceries flowing in. Your Health is one of your most precious assets, so don't squander it while your young, as it is unrecoverable when your OLD.
  5. Nadja

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    One of the biggest problems you would face for now, notwithstanding the economy, would be able to get out from your off-grid place and into town for supplies. I always make sure my wife's meds are at a min of two weeks, food for much longer then that, and propane tanks filled to the brim at the first sign of any snow. Also, extra gas for my back up gas generators, Heaters all cleaned up and running correctly etc. Lots of things that don't occur to you in the city , if neglected here could spell doom. If you procastanate here, you could easily die. It could be the same anywhere you are. Keep in mind , living off the grid also means living out of reach of most of the 911 type services and on your own.
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