Trump to address nation Monday about gun control

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    Sandy Hook was the first glimpse up the skirt of the "Agenda" as it were. Way too many facts didnt add up, no bodies (even coverd by yellow tarps) and an ever changing cover line. The Florida Gay night club, the Church in Texas, and Los Vegas were a continuation of the origional plan, and every thing went south with those! The people are not dumb, and its not going to change a thing no matter how many shootings take place! The Schools are being used to get the kiddies riled up and its kind of worked! The only problem is even the kiddies are not so brain dead that they cannot see the truth!
    My 6 year old neice asked me if I was going to keep her from getting shot while she went to school, I told her she needed to learn how to not get shot, and that her Daddy and I would teach her how to survive, she seemed quite satisfied with those answers!
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    The news just popped and I knew it was coming. A national red flag law. That is one scary law especially if they write it like they wrote the patriot act.

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    It'll be challenged and end up in the Supreme Court. So somebody determines that their neighbor is a threat and he has guns. So the authorities do a no-knock raid on his home before dawn, shoot him in his pajamas in the hallway because he had something in his hand (like a slipper, or a flashlight.) and then his house spontaneously burns down and the fire department won't go in to even cool the smoldering ashes because there might be explosives.

    Nice tidy open/shut case. "See, we told you he was a threat."

    Didn't I hear that "all white men" were a threat? Hmmmm? When I was a kid, this was a free country.
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    Yup, going to be challenged in front of SCOTUS, but in the mean time a few good folks will be targeted and taken out, folks like say...............
    Ex. MIL. who know things amd have skills! Phuckum, come and get me, bring a lunch!
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    Illinois Red Flag Law could temporarily seize firearms from gun owners

    Her group is always looking for ways to battle gun violence in the Stateline. She sees the new Red Flag Law in Illinois as a giant step forward.

    "The gist of the law is that we can petition the courts to take guns away from our family members who we believe might be a threat to themselves or other people,” Chorostecki said.

    The first thing you need to do is head over to your local courthouse and ask for the Firearms Restraining Order request form.

    After submitting the forms, all parties will appear before a judge for a preliminary hearing.

    "You always want to look at what credible evidence is being present to make the best decision," said
    Former Winnebago County Judge Rosemary Collins.

    Except the gang-bangers going at it are not 'crazy'...

    then there is this
    Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union - Wikipedia
    "During the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, psychiatry was used to disable and remove from society political opponents ("dissidents") who openly expressed beliefs that contradicted the official dogma"

    Don't think it can happen here?
    How about another Dear Leader/Sun God/Emperor like Obama? Couple that with the uber-liberal judges appointed by that hack.... A perfect storm is brewing.
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    Good thing you sold all your guns to me for $1 and then leased storage space at your place for 99 years to me for a second $1. Good thing we did all that before Oregon got mandatory background checks a few years back.
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    Meanwhile in Shitchago, the local Hospital E.R.'s are directing emergency transports to bypass the centrally located E.R.s because they are overwhelmed with trauma patients from all the shootings! Yet we never hear of all the shootings in Shitcago! How is all that gun control working out Shitcago? Phuckme, this is insane, the most violent city in this country and we never hear cries for more gun control there, but when some dumbass drives 6 or 7 hours to go kill a bunch of folks after getting triggered by his "handlers" on line after his Meds were changed, and suddenly we gotta have more damn gun control and those phucked up Red Flag Laws that are highly illegal, and we all know how that will turn out!
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    All this is assuming you can even identify the criminals to then serve them warrants to appear before a judge to then be judged a threat! All this assumes any criminal will ever be "reported" as a threat in the first place, so what exactly will these Red Flag laws actually do? Not one God Damn Thing, they will not stop a single shooting, and will never stop a criminal from getting or using a gun to do their dirty work! In Oregon, you don't even get a chance to appear in your own defense, they just issue a Red Flag on your ass, show up at 0-Dark Thirty, and take your guns with out any recourse, Guilty until you can afford to prove your innocence!
    AND, there is no set standard of proof for them to go by, and you do not get to face your accuser, There are at least 4 Direct Infringements on your constitutional rights in the enforcement of this, and yet there has yet to be a single case brought before a supreme court! Constitutional violations: Right to Due Process, Illegal Search and Seizure, Right to a Jury Trial, Right to contest any evidence brought against you including your accuser! And i'm sure there are more once the ball gets rolling! Exactly how are these things helping society? Criminals who are doing ALL of these shootings don't ever get caught up in any of these things, so only the innocents are getting screwed! And now this bullshit will go national, so it also needs to go to SCOTUS right the fuck now!
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    How do they count "mass shootings" ?

    Is that any shooting of more than one person, including shootings by police?

    Something is wrong with that number.

    Guy shoots his wife and her boyfriend?
    Kid shoots his parents?
    Life partners arrange a quiet murder/suicide?
    Twelve on twelve gang war results in two dead?

    What's the criteria for a "mass shooting?"
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    The good news is that we already know the house is incapable of getting anything done.
    They made a huge deal about the concentration camps where people are kept in cages, never mind that it all started under the deporter in chief obama, the house refused to do anything about it.
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    Not to mention the real US concentration camps were all made by their hero and Stalin buddy FDR.
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    I was in in Yankland watching a TV with a report of shootings ETC , guy/car left a house , beep horn and had cops move out of his way letting him go on his way .
    Station was saying it was a real mess ETC. Then a Helios fly's under the camera Helios . This was a BS training thing as it turns out to be , BUT NEWS was not saying that.
    Say 2 years ago !!
    Total Joke & Lies .
    I grabbed the U-tub kink if it gets scrubbed x22report
    Bit chute Video ^^ x22 link , unrestricted
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    Jewish center shooting- Old guy on lots of medication shoots a few after driving several hours
    Charleston Church shooting- Young guy on medication shoots people after driving 1.5 hours
    El Paso- Young guy drives several hours to shoot people, mental health issues, most likely on meds
    Dayton- Young guy with suspected mental health issues and probably on meds drives 1/2 hour
    The list goes on....
    First act of liberal law makers is to call for more gun control within and lawmakers downplay mental health issues. Victims begin to get interviewed calling for more gun control.
    Meanwhile, 113 people died yesterday from medical malpractice and 1600 died in auto crashes. Oh yeah, 72 shot in Chicago last weekend. Conspiracy theory or not, this is clearly an agenda being perpetrated by someone to further gun control. There are just too many parallels.
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    Curious story about the Dayton coward
    Dayton gunman was pro-gun control, friend says

    "The gunman who fatally shot nine people -- including his sister -- and injured more than two dozen in Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday was “anti-Second Amendment” and “never spit out a conservative opinion on gun control,” according to a former classmate and friend.

    The 24-year-old gunman, who was killed by police less than a minute after he opened fire with an AR-15-style rifle outside a crowded bar, attended Bellbrook High School with Will El-Fakir, the Dayton Daily News reported. Although Fox News has identified him, neither his name nor his photo are being aired or published unless necessary for clarity.

    El-Fakir told the paper he stopped talking to him five months ago after the future killer held a gun to his head...." more at link​
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    im thinking we shouldnt be writing new gun laws what we should be writing is laws that imprison journalists who write false info. Do you realize taht murder stats are down in the USA even with mass shootings? We dont see that in the media do we? We only see sensationalism. and editorial comments that promote sensationalism with trigger words like 'racism' 'global warming' 'climate change' 'war on drugs' 'opiod crisis' 'illegal immigration' 'sanctuary cities'

    what happened to reporting facts? Fact checking use to be a requirement to good journalism. Now they dont even publish apologies or corrections when they get the facts wrong.

    forget new gun laws

    lets promote a law that requires journalist to report facts, not sensationalized editorial comments
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    HOW to screw with Media on cable ,take a pin / t-pin and connect the center copper to the casing wire , Cable short and many down . Fiber is join the twins to see each other !! ,DSL / phone lines connect all . Of course your also out , But that is what someone did up here. The Kids were lost zombies for a week . I just found out .

    my system was down also
    Not me
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