TRUTH About Cities Run By Democrats For Generations

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Legion489, May 17, 2017.

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    Yup. Pretty much all the big cities are the same.
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    I can vouch for the cess pool that Detroit has become. I had some business up there, and what I say looked worse then a lot of war torn middle east countries I have seen, even worse, a shit load of middle easterners have moved in there and pushed out the people that were there before them! I wonder how long it is before we see the same things in Chicago, or Philly, Or L.A?????
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    Already done. Every one of these cities is a cesspool.
    Indeed, and every one is predominantly managed by leftists.
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    Those are small examples of how they would run the entire country into the ground.
  6. enloopious

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    This is what a soft war on the country looks like. You don't think this is the result of Democrats and voting...

    This is what happens when people give their authority over to others. It happens every time with out fail. These cycles that governments go through are always the same. This is what the collapse looks like. Just wait it will get worse.
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    It's chess, on a larger scale.

    Every major city in each state represents the largest accumulation of wealth and people. It's simple math and economics. A large city is often the seat of politics. With a large city, you control the majority of policy making, from immigration and finances, to gun control and social agendas. You can control more corporations (a city also being a corporation itself) by investing in other corporations and therefore steering the board decisions. You control the traffic, the radio, television, water, energy, just about any important aspect of people's lives.

    The smaller towns and suburbs will hold on as long as they may, but time has its way eventually.
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    It's not just cities, either. Whole states are feeling the pressure of their legislatures being predominantly Democrat (thanks, ironically, to these same poorly run cities populations).

    There's also at least two, of the three territories that are part of the USA, which have consistently been Democrats in charge, and have consistently been in financial straits, due to their "spend it like you're printing it" style of government. Puerto Rico has been the most recent in the news, with the US Congress having to discuss and vote on bailing the P.R. government out of their financial mess (which will do NOTHING to teach them fiscal responsibility, as they will now be more dependent than ever, on the federal teat).

    When I lived in Guam, during the 90's, they were so bad off, that one year, we got our income tax refunds late (which causes them to pay more, due to the interest which has to be paid on late refunds), and the next year was worse, when they announced that they were so cash strapped, that a new water system bond that was being issued would include sufficient extra funds, to cover that year's tax refunds! Borrowing money, on a 20 year bond issue (for infrastructure), in order to pay refunds?? SMH

    The sad part is, is that these territories, as part of a deal with the federal government, are charged with collecting the federal income taxes for anyone working in the territory, processing the tax returns, and issuing the tax refunds....and they get to keep what the IRS would normally collect from those workers, as income taxes, in lieu of their government being funded by Congress, via the General Fund. That's a TON more money than they would get, if they were a state, collecting state income taxes!

    In exchange for all that money being collected, while I was in Guam, the local government had some of the poorest infrastructure imaginable. There was even a 2 year period, where we experienced regular rolling power blackouts ("load shedding"), whenever one of the power generating stations had to shut down, for repairs or maintenance. Before I left, there was talk of the EPA coming in, and writing tickets with fines, due to the fact that the old landfill was over 120% full, and GovGuam was dragging its feet in getting a new one opened.

    Don't get me wrong...I loved the island, and the people I got to work with, there. But damn, I was glad to leave that Democrat-led government behind!
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    @natshare Puerto Rico, Guam and Virgin Islands are all U.S. territories under the direct rule of Congress.
    It's no wonder to find them so utterly despotic.
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    But the question on everybody's mind is, what are the chances it'll actually tip over? :ROFLMAO::cry:
  11. arleigh

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    Unfortunately there are many a board that have a budget and they play as close to, or over that budget as possible with hopes of gaining even more money for the next year . No one challenges this mentality which is why we have this mentality in government today .
  12. oil pan 4

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    Democrats, doing the same thing and expecting a different result since 1828.
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