Try Progressive Christianity....Heresy with just a hint of brimstone! Yummeee!

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    Love the new theology were they take one passage from the Book and say it means what they want it to, believe that and the rest of the Book and your actions and way of life can safely be ignored. Seem to ignore the book of Job and that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away as the Lord wishes and is not always as man wishes. It would be to bad if the only secret ingredients in their new theology soup were water , artificial flavorings and dyes. Looks good, smells good, tastes good and in the "long" run if you only eat that soup you will starve and die forever. YOMV

    May well be that the joke is Lord is letting "them" do it, as a lot of the old jokes, especially the trickster ones, didn't have a good outcome for all involved.
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    I like MINE with X-tra Brimstone .............. (need the roughage)
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    @duane every new theological movement has taken passages out of the bible and re interpreted them... its why we have 41 flavors of Christianity, 400 flavors of Islam, 14 flavors Judaism and at least 8 flavors of Buddhism, every generation or sect re interprets their religious doctrine the way that works for them. Its why we need our info directly from God and not interpreted by a pastor, priest, imam or rabbi.
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    Ganado you must be jesting! With all the unemployment in the world we NEED all of those men ,for the most part, and all the flavor of the month religions to tell us how to think and act, as they take a vow of poverty while living in million dollar mansions. It employs them, their priests, their armies and look at all the people and resources it is going to take to rebuild all the things they are destroying as unholy in the middle east and Asia.
    Why if you look on it as a recycling project, Bin Laudin with a capital investment of about 1 million has already created millions of jobs, for perhaps the worlds greatest ROI.
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    Lol @duane you sir are fun!
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    There's nothing inherently wrong with the "new theology": after all....the old theology was itself the heretical new theology of it's older theology's antecedents. The thing I love about the new theology is that burning and torturing apostates and heretics is so much less frequent than the older, older theologies...that's some kind of progress to be pleased with I guess.
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