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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snowbyrd, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. snowbyrd

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    Having just flown on the animal airway, I arrived at my destination and unpacked my bag, carry on of course I discovered that I had, in the bottom of my bag a mag for my .45, fully loaded. I guess I really feel safe that it was overlooked. Just forgot it was there, having an empty mag, no problemo. One that is fully stocked not good. An 'oops' thing. I guess the high quality employees and the finest of equipment is instilling faith into people. Maybe because I not old nor young and still in diapers they felt it was not nessasary to grope or fondle me, or even to notice what was in my bag.

    I feel so much safer now. And lucky too. Thank you TSA for being so inept.
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  2. tacmotusn

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    no surprise what so ever.
  3. STANGF150

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    but did they confiscate your 4 Ounce bottle of Shampoo!!!
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  4. snowbyrd

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    When I was in Houston a few weeks ago the TSA "officer" started yelling for his stupidvisor, yelled at me "you are messing with the wrong officer". I said 'what cop school did you go to?'. TSA 'He's not doing what I tell him". Gee full body scan, I was standing on the blue footprints and raising my arms. Stupidvisor comes over and looks, shakes his head and walked away. WTF?
    Maybe it was because I was wearing my lava lava? UH, skirt to some of you.
    Much more comffie than pants. True fact.
  5. TailorMadeHell

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    I have heard people reference Barney Fife when referring to TSA. I beg to disagree. Barney was a little out there, though he was not a complete idiot. I will never willfully choose to fly anywhere. If I am told to fly, then I will, hoping that it is a chartered flight for us. We walk through security with no problems when we are making a movement. I don't like to be groped, fondled or generally molested when I go anywhere. I can accept a hug, just not much more than that. Groping is only for sex and those TSA people aren't attractive. Lol. Don't like the idea of roasting in a scanner either. Well it's for our protection I guess. Yeah right. How about that old story of the guy that mailed himself in a box? TSA work hard at hardly working and have the manners to prove it. Vere are your papers?
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    My employer has addressed the issue. He bought an executive jet that seat 6. You park your car, walk through the gate, walk to plane, get on plane and fly to destination. I can leave home 20 minutes before we take off.

    No TSA.
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  7. Seawolf1090

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    In the heady days of my job in Airport Security back in the late 80's, we wore blaser jackets, and were trained that we were NOT cops, NOT law enforcement, and had no arrest powers other than the "citizen's arrest" that we all have. We had a city cop or two in the office behind us, in case we had trouble. We were required to try to NOT offend the paying passengers, as the airlines were a BUSINESS, and making the paying customers mad is not good for business!
    We were paid minimum wage, and no bennies. I remember thinking at that time, having been in the military, that the security job might be better if it were Federalized...... boy, was I WRONG!!!! :(

    Until the TSA is disbanded, and that road twitch Janet Incompetano is jailed for her crimes, I will NOT fly the airlines - you could not pay me enough to go through that abuse. If I or my fellow airport security people had done back then what these arsehats are doing now, we'd have been in prison and on record as sex offenders!! [reddevil]
  8. Georgia_Boy

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    The TSA is not in the safety business. Their purpose is to browbeat, condition, and train flying citizens. I haven't flown since 2000, Thank God! I'd end up up arrested or shot if I got into a confrontation with these Nazi wann-be's. The TSA is an affront to everything it means to be an American, freedom! We've got morons being led by a homosexual whose intent is to cower Americans, to get us and keep us in react mode through fear and intimidation. I will not play their game. The future looks dim for me if these VIPR teams are expanded to cover secondary roads. I do not believe there is one documented case where the TSA stopped/prevented a terrorist act. But there are tens or hundreds of thousands of cases where Americans were victimized. Colostomy bags broken, invasive genital touching, children, women, and senior citizens embarrassed and humiliated merely to help these TSA drones feel empowered. And guess what we get to pay taxes to pay these jokers, to expand the agency's size and scope, all in the name of fake safety.
    Where is the outrage from the citizenry. Has the majority of travelers become sheep? Both Air France and El Al have outstanding flight safety and security and they do their job professionally and with courtesy. The political class is not going to help us with this oppressive agency. The only way this crap will stop is if enough of an impact is felt at the airline's bottom line. Can y'all imagine if it was your wife that got bounced from her flight home because the TSA twinkie didn't like her attitude?
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    Back when I flew, I was found with a 4 inch Crescent wrench.

    I mailed it to myself, from the airport USPO which was full with other such dangerous people as I, all of us from the group "W" bench.

    I have not flown again.
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