TSA Apologizes: Ordered Nursing Mom to Pump Breast Milk

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by ColtCarbine, Mar 3, 2012.

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    ‘Embarrassed and Humiliated’: TSA Apologizes After Ordering Nursing Mom to Pump Breast Milk Into Bottles Before Boarding

    The Transportation Security Administration has apologized after a mother in Hawaii was left “embarrassed and humiliated” after an agent ordered her to pump breast milk in an airport bathroom to prove her electric pump was real.

    Amy Strand was traveling with her 9-month-old daughter on her way home from Kauai Wednesday when she was told she would not be allowed to board until she could show the agent full bottles of breast milk, Hawaii ABC affiliate KITV-TV reported.

    Just minutes before going through security Wednesday, she said she had done “what no nursing mother wants to do” and dumped the breast milk from the bottles, thinking they would be a screening hassle. But when she was going through the line, the agent stopped her and asked to look at her equipment, which included the pump, a cooler pack and the empty bottles. Because recently-changed TSA guidelines permit women to fly with breast milk but treat electric pumps as medical equipment, Strand had to prove the pump was medically necessary to be able to fly with it.

    “I asked him if there was a private place I could pump and he said no, you can go in the women’s bathroom. I had to stand in front of the mirrors and the sinks and pump my breast in front of every tourist that walked into that bathroom,” she told KITV. “I was embarrassed and humiliated and then angry that I was treated this way.”

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    was she hot?
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  3. Gator 45/70

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    Pity...Nothing is sacred to these ...........!!!!!!!!
  4. Seawolf1090

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    TSA - a true trainwreck of a rogue agency that MUST be disbanded. A true blackmark upon this nation. NO other nation tolerates this abuse and criminal behavior!!
  5. Lucky Johnson

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    The TSA makes me sick! The TSA employees are all nothing but a bunch of nerdy 40 year old virgin perverts that live in mommy's basement with cheap pornos and Hustler magazines as their only form of intimacy.
  6. RightHand

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    I hate to see all members of a group painted with such a broad brush. Mistakes are made and, hopefully, lessons learned
  7. melbo

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    I recently flew of DC and knew I would have to opt out of the naked body scanner.

    I went to the airport sans underwear and coated my nether region with a generous amount of Vaseline - both front and back.

    My TSA masseuse didn't say anything when his gloves came out a little greasy but I hope he was at least a little disgusted by the process.

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  8. chelloveck

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    It's all about power and control, not perversion.

    I hazard a guess that most of the front line TSA employees are just doing a near to minimum wage job. It's a crappy job with not much glamour or intellectual stimulation. It is unsurprising that some individuals act officiously, wielding what power they have assiduously as if they were real somebodies. The other thing is, that that work may not attract people with the brightest of minds, but who can be relied on to follow orders without questioning the wisdom of them; who don't have the initiatiove or nouse to interpret the policies and procedures in such a way as to allow them to comply with the spirit of a rule or regulation, yet treat people humanely and with dignity. Such people in other times and other places made fine concentration camp and gulag guards. I would suggest that few, if any are perverts...it's all about power and control.
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  9. NVBeav

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    I hope you put some color in that Vaseline to liven up the place - green would be interesting :^)
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  10. STANGF150

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    TSA is the ones that was UnderQualified to get a job at Walmart
  11. melbo

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    I'll keep that in mind for next time but I have to say I felt quite moisturized after my 6 hour flight.
  12. ColtCarbine

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  13. chelloveck

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    Hot or not....

    Hot or not....the directive was insensitive and demeaning....I guess I won't be packing a penis enlarger with me when I visit the USA....it may take some time to demonstrate the effectiveness of that "medical device". : O
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  14. RightHand

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    LOL - non discriminatory practices require equal treatment under the law
  15. ColtCarbine

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    With those kind of sociological skills,a person would not last 10 minutes in a job site lunch room. You do not understand the typical American male, they are a dying breed. All that touchy feely stuff is killing them off.
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