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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by drdave, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Dear Folks,

    I opted out a few days ago at a major airport. I will omit some details for opsec. I declined to go through the back-scatter machine and was quickly surrounded by TSA agents who began to harass me. My baggage was re scanned and my boarding pass and driving license were taken and photocopied. If I refused to surrender such documents I would be arrested. The "pat down" is a misnomer. In fact this is a sexual assault. I remain surprised and angered at how invasive this process is as a condition of flying. Other than venting some, I am in the process of sorting options. While no fan of the ACLU I am thinking about considering contacting them. Any thoughts from you all in this community regarding options?

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    Media.. get the media involved. record everything!! video evidence is paramount to pushing your story.
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    This is just proof that the terrorists of the world are winning. Their primary goal is to disrupt the lives of Americans in any way they can and bleed this country slowly. The weak excuses of leaders that we have in this country apparently cannot see this. And it will be this way until true Americans take this country back from the spineless politicians in DC.
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    Sorry, friend. It's the corporate interests and the corrupt political state that is winning. Globalism is the goal, and in order to enslave America, they need to make us all into criminals. Terrorism is CIA funded, trained, and protected.
    Absolutely. Our conditioning is important to the fascists.
    Oh, they see perfectly well -don't dismiss them as just being inefficient. I completely agree, we do need to stand together and take our country back. [freedom]
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    "Follow the money!"
    Look at the companies providing these machines, now selling to many airports, soon to be ALL along with train, bus and ship terminals. See who is on the boards.....
    See who in the political arena stands to profit from all this. It's what Socialism/Liberalism is all about - CONTROL!
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    It's all about enacting laws in order to profit on sales of necessary machinery. They don't care if your plane blows up, they don't fly commercial. Follow the money.
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    Thanks for the reply all. I contacted the Thomas Moore Law Center with a factual letter regarding events as they happened. This is my first experience being surrounded by jack booted gov't thugs (felt that way) and we should not be threatened with arrest, harassed and sexually assaulted as a condition of flying. I did nothing wrong. Thanks for the forum.

    Dr Dave
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    Nor should you. This is America Godammit (Sorry) I cannot believe we have let ourselves become so complacent and so fearing for our so called security that we allow this to happen. This our country. We are in charge. Most of us complaining about this Gestapo state are veterans who have served. Every citizen in this country better read the damn Constitution and understand what they were gifted by our founding fathers before it disappears. And I hate to say this, cause I am sure it will get me on their lists. You better be willing to fight for it.
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    Hell, some people pay for what you got for free...
    Just kidding

    If I didn't have to fly for work, I'd not fly at all.
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