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    I have seen several survival tube tents but the one i carry i made myself.I took a tarp 12x8 and used gorilla duct tape to join the 12 ft. side together on both sides. now you have a 4x4x4 tube tent that all you have to do is tie a rope through the tube to 2 trees and use the grommet holes to secure the bottom and there's your tent complete with ground cover. you can also tape one end together in a T with the tape and leave a hole at the top to run the rope closed end to keep the rain out
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    How about a photo.
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    if i could figure out how to post pics i would-----I'm ssstttuuupppiiiddddddd
  5. To post pics is pretty easy.
    1. Just sign up at any image hosting sites like Photobucket or Yahoo.

    2. Upload your pics to your account.
    3. Sort pics into your albums first BEFORE post them because moving pics break the posting link. (optional)
    4. Copy your IMG code in your post and that's it...


    Hope this helps! :)
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    I have used a tube tent on two seperate great.
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    ty modernwoodsma -now all i have to find is a camera that is Linux compatible
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    Having a crappy phone,I usually have to do this by hand.(no cut and paste)
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    Marla, Linux compatibility is not a requirement. If you can get the pix into the computer, they should file with any of a slew of extensions (.jpg, gif, whatever, for examples) From there, open the thread you want to post in and upload the pic directly from where you have it filed on the computer. That should work no matter what OS you have on the machine.
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