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Discussion in 'Turf and Surf Hunting and Fishing' started by melbo, Aug 11, 2005.

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  2. phishi

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    WOW, that has to be some of the most interesting, yet dull footage I have ever seen. The guy pictured the most, when he gets still he really gets still. I thought my screen had locked up a couple times.

    What do you think that they were doing?


    PS: This is your warning for posting off topic in a hunting forum. :D
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    As I understand it. These guys are from blackwater and they are providing "security services" for various contractors in the area. If you remember back there was a time the Mugtada al-Sadr was raising hell in Najaf. This was about the same time.

    If you look at the building they are on, it is apparent in and around them construction was underway (but not active at the time). They have problems with people trying to shoot the workers on the job sites, so these guys are highered to provide "security". They do that with guns.

    And yes, that dude did can become rock solid and focused when he was shooting. The first time I watched it I wondered if they were actually shooting at people or just fooling around. At the point where the car drives buy quickly and pops a couple shots of at them, I start to believe it is probably real. Some of the comments made and detailed descriptions between the spotter and the sniper lead me to believe this is probably authentic.
  4. phishi

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    I've been thinking some more about this. It was hard to see some of the targets that were being engaged. I've come to the conclusion that good optics are a good idea. I think that should not only include on the weapon, but also with binoculars or spotting scopes.

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    You talking Good good or just decent midline glass? My first thought was that you just described 5K worth of Swarovski or Ziess

    I'd want the Best I could get on my rifles, mid to best on the binos if they would see regular use and an average spotting scope. SO I'm down to $2800ish... sound about right. Oh, I allowed 1K foir the binos but You should have 2 sets right? Medium and Large. You want fries with that?
  6. phishi

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    Yeah, Supersize me.

    Best that you can afford without selling your first born would be what I would try and shoot for. I agree with how you breack it down. Higher quality on the rifle, but at some point, at least for me, I think that you are splitting hairs.

    Just my .02.

  7. E.L.

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    Make it Leupold for me. That is what it looked like the sniper was shooting, one of the tactical models with the illuminated reticle knob.
  8. Imaexpat2

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    That was a pretty motivating video!

    Yes as much as can be said for a good set of open sights in many situations one can make a very good argument for glass on the battle field when the shooting aint up close and personal. Distance is your friend and the further out you can keep the BG's and still effectively engage the better. How many people do you know that can shoot good beyond 300 yards and consistantly hit? At the gun ranges I frequent there are quiet a few people that shoot the 100 yard line pretty good but very few that can group well at the 200 and even less at the 300 yard line...
  9. TLynn

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    Come on out to Idaho...we'll show you the people that make an art of hitting consistently at 300 yards and better.

    Even my friend Ron who's eyesight is not the best and is now 60 consistently hits 300 yards when he bothers to go out with his Swede. No telling what he'd do with a M14 which is what he trained on or even his Garand if he took it out. He hasn't bothered to do the 500 yards and up (and that range isn't open that often) in years but I'm betting he'd be just as consistent.

    You see some of us do not consider 100 yards as long distance...that's up close and personal as far as I'm concerned (and I'm good at up close and personal). I've never said I'm good beyond 150 yards because I've not really tried it...but way too many of the regulars out at the public range I go to - are just that - good.

    And we won't even go into the ones who shoot blackpowder - they're just as good and just as accurate.
  10. Imaexpat2

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    I sure there are quiet a few there as else where, but I will tell you that from experience working a gun range in the military, the ones who do above average are the ones that were or are hunters who actually make it afield occasionally and actually do come home with meat in the freezer. You can definitely tell the difference in the boys from rual parts as opposed to the urban areas when its time to score targets.

    And the Gang Bangers I see on the range ro desert in california when I lived there did good to hit a 2 x 3 ft target at a 100 yards. I really wasnt that impressed with the average Iraqi or 'Stani "Insurgent" for the most part either while on "vacation" over there. Im not complaining though....
  11. TLynn

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    Imaexpat2, that's true...when you compare rural to city. Even though I live in the city it's still fairly rural in all reality. The desert is but a moment away and the beginnings of the foothills into the mountains another. Here even with the influx of flatlanders and Californians for the most part it's still the hunters and marksman you see at the range. Gangbangers don't go to the range to shoot here - they'd never stand a chance (especially since fully auto weapons can be seen there any day of the week).

    Of course in most of these states - you'd best not assume it's only the guys doing the long distance shooting. I've got some girlfriends who are far better shots than their husbands (in fact their husbands wish they could bring home as many deer and elk as they do).
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    Long range shooting b:: I use a Rem BDL Custom Deluxe 300 RUM, 180 gr Bal tips, Leupold 4.5x14 VIII.
    Meat is what we eat.
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