Turkish Armed Forces Strike PKK Camps in N. Iraq

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    Turkish Armed Forces Strike PKK Camps in N. Iraq
    By National News Desk, Istanbul
    Published: Saturday, April 29, 2006

    The Turkish armed forces have launched their first military operation along the Iraqi border where Turkish troops have concentrated for days.

    The Northern Iraqi cities of Amedi and Zaho, sheltering Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) militants, were hit with mortar attacks in “Operation Crescent.”

    First reports say that locations where militants were lodged in the regions of Geliye, Pisaxa, Pirbela, Sheshdara, Sheranish and Elanish were demolished.

    The "Burgundy Beret" units performed a recognizance mission in the area a while ago as part of the Special Forces Command.

    Troop deployment to the region from different parts of the country continues.

    Along with the transfer of commandos, heavy construction equipment is also being brought to the border for use during a possible cross-border operation.

    The Iranian military extended their operation 10 kilometers to maintain security along the border.

    A security cordon has been established to ensure the safety of troops that check not only Mt. Cudi, but other passages and routes for safety.

    There is also top-level security present en route to the Border Gate Habur-2.

    In another development, Kurdish militias (Peshmergas) under the leadership of Massoud Barzani tightened security measures along the Northern Iraqi border.

    On Thursday, a statement from Barzani called attention to a plea for cessation of external intervention in Iraq's domestic affairs. The need for agreement between officials from both Turkey and North Iraq was stressed.

    Mehmet Gunes, a truck driver, said something interesting while on routine transit through the Border Gate Habur. "We are well accustomed to seeing such things. It’s the media that magnifies what we consider normal, I think." Gunes also said that the truck drivers are not having any problem transiting border gates for the moment.

    There is not any unusual military activity going on here against North Iraq, said Gunes, and some residents here are still unaware of the recent developments.

    The Operation Crescent, a cross-border operation, is remarkable for one other thing: the exclusion of village guards from the operation.

    WWIII in the making?
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    Eh? Translated from Turkish by an illeterate social worker?

    I wonder if our military knew that was coming. I smell troubles. :dunno:
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    Only time will tell, hard to say what will transpire in the Middle East. Eventually, something volatile will develop more than already is present. [wannamesswitme]
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    I think we're stretched pretty thin all over the world... not to mention at home....
    and um..... I think our enemies know that....
    I smell something..... how about you ?????
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