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    This is the kind of call that could get a person like me fired if it got recorded.....

    So I get a call from this lady about her cable box randomly rebooting and driving her nuts...
    After a bit of troubleshooting, I notice that it's firmware is not loading proper....
    Quick fix - easy call...6-10 minutes for the box to refresh.....
    The whole time she is ranting aboot how men are pigs and her wife is so much better yadda yadda...
    So...i fix her cable box and am closing the call......she says to me in a harsh condescending tone...

    " a do you view married lesbian relationships??!!"

    I thought aboot it for a couple seconds and replied:

    "Usually in High Definition....."

    She burst into tears laughing and hung up on me...

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    Long ago in a previous life I worked for a cable and communications company. The cable business deployed new Scientific Atlanta cable decoder boxes for a bunch of new scrambled channels. Problem was there was a defect and the power supply over heated in some even damaging TVs and furniture they were sitting on. The dispatcher got a call one morning from a women, "I need a guy to get right over here, my box is hot and it's smelling up the house!". The dispatcher didn't miss a beat and she replied, "Yes mam, we'll send a man right over to service your box!"
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    Old cable stories?
    Uniforms were provide, maintained and laundered.
    A fellow had placed a ticket on his trousers for hem that needed repair three or four times with no action.
    One day likely way hung over the hem was still not repaired so he grabs scissors and cuts of the offending leg at the knee level...Fills out a new ticket "one leg too short" see if they fix that one... They did and tried to bill him..
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