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    i have two diff bags i use for travel for work and use them alot in my work travel and i know that they are really not survival related to a point but those who travel alot you could look into them about useing in your everyday life ..

    the fist bag is Cocoon Harlem sling bag and this bag is use in my daily life and it holds my Apple Ipad and it accessories items i use daily in my life and it can hold a 10.inch netbook or a ipad for travel

    it never far from my reach with it items packed into to it for quick travel and i will grab it along with my cloths if something happens and i need to leave very quickly

    there website is

    the second bag is a Timbuk2 bag is a custom made Messegner bag with a set of pockets to hold the diff items i need for travel days most of the work clothing i wear is drockers pants and dress shirts with ties and dress shoes instead of a suit and tie type work clothing ..

    the bag is called the classic messegner model and you can get a size up to 26.inchs long -x-13.inchs tall-x-9.4 inchs deep and they did extra work on the unit by adding pockets for shoes and shaveing kit in diff places where i wanted them at for travel ..

    there website is

    so check them out if you want a nice pad for traveling and need something to stand up to the road
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    The link is dead on my end...
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    :lol: Based on the title alone, I thought this was going to be a joke about an ex wife. ;)
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    if the links are not working try googleing them and check them out ..i just tried the links and they are working so try to google them if your computer is not working right
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    i have to do a bit of traveling in my line of work now and i found that this two bags do work very well along with the fact that the Timbuk 2 bag can be made to your specs for less than $200.oo dollars that you will know that it can be carried with ease and packed to the full amount of clothing i can get into the bag
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    Not familiar with the cocoon , but I completely agree about Timbuk2 bags ! You can also find them on ebay as well as some other forums with trading areas . Very tough and very sheeple friendly .
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    [worthless]And, [whipem]just because.


    ALL BETTER! I think I like these bags.
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    here is a picture of the sling bag for use with the ipad and it accessories items
    harlem. harlem_500x333.
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    I have the Timbuktu messenger bag as well. Love it.
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    I have two Timbuktu Large Classic messenger bags.
    I have had both of them for years. One is for carrying my work laptop and other business stuff and the second one is for personal laptop and gear that I can use for immediate bailout stuff. The bags are very durable and machine washable. Somewhat insulate for retaining coldness with food and beverages.
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