Two Days to Make $300 Billion, Part II

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    Two Days to Make $300 Billion, Part II
    <hr>"And what in the hell happened to the gold lease rate? It's going berserk! And who in the hell is buying dollars to keep the dollar index above 80, and why?"
    <hr>by The Mogambo Guru
    Rick Ackerman of Rick's Picks opines that this crapola bust thing is just beginning, and that he is "quite confident" in saying that "forces leading to an epochal de-leveraging of financial assets have recently reached critical mass. What that implies is that we will not see ANY significant periods of economic recovery (i.e., GDP growth exceeding 3% in a given quarter) between now and the predicted K-wave deflationary trough around 2015."
    And speaking of crapola, Bob Wood of Kaizen Managed Assets writes that the Treasury is borrowing money like mad, too, and, "Looks like we just blew through the debt ceiling. And that with 'the good news' in today's paper about how low the budget deficit was for the current fiscal year!"
    I wrote him and advised him to "Relax! Debt ceilings are only for those governments that are afraid of being lying, traitorous, corrupt, scumbags! Hahaha!" To which he replied "Whew, thanks! I was getting worried for a minute there!" Hahaha!
    And what in the hell happened to the gold lease rate? It's going berserk! And who in the hell is buying dollars to keep the dollar index above 80, and why?
    In light of all of this, people are asking me, "Is the Plunge Protection Team intervening in the markets?" Hahahaha!
    All of this rings laughable and hollow in my ears, which shows the kind of good mood I am in because I am in gold, silver and oil, and I am doing fine, and will soon be doing better than everyone else because they are NOT in gold, silver and oil, although they will soon rush to be in them, driving the price high, making me a lot of money.
    How much money? Well, there is no telling, but Addison Wiggin at notes, "Since 2000, the yellow metal has soared 137% - taking gold mining stocks to the stratosphere." The reason may be that as demand is rising, supply is falling, as "According to the World Coal Council, the world mined 2,467 tonnes of gold - 55 tonnes less than in 2005. It was even less gold than mined in 2004."
    The result is that "The low hanging fruit of the gold-mining universe - the easy deposits and rich mines - have started to disappear. Gold's already rare. But it's getting more rare by the day." And things that get "more rare by the day" usually go up in price. A lot.
    So the financial certainty of gold rising mightily in price allows me to observe the economic landscape with a certain calm, dispassionate serenity and behold the economic destruction of an entire race of greedy, dimwitted, laughably ignorant and childishly trusting people who gleefully wallowed in the easily-provable folly of allowing foul, unfettered creation of excess money and credit in another sorry episode of idiocy and treachery of legitimizing a pure fiat currency and allowing banks to multiply the money stock at will.
    The only new wrinkle that distinguishes this episode of fiat currency stupidity from all the other episodes of fiat currency stupidity in history is that today's Federal Reserve has a new "theory" of economics that actually allows for unrestrained money/debt creation, allows bubbles to develop, and thus comically reduces the role of the central bank to creating even more money, credit and debt to clean up the bust! Hahaha!
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