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Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Quigley_Sharps, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    With the use of sonar, oceanographer Dr. Meyer Verlag discovered giant glass pyramids at a depth of two-thousand meters. The use of other devices have allowed scientists to determine that these glass giants are both made of a crystal-like substance, and are nearly 3 times bigger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.
    Dr. Verlag believes that further investigation into the secrets in the the pyramids center could reveal more information regarding the cases of mysterious disappearances associated with the Bermuda Triangle. In a press conference held in the Bahamas, the scientist presented a report with the exact coordinates of the pyramids, and made note that the technology at use is unknown to modern science. A more detailed study may bring results that are difficult for us to imagine. Who knows what will be discovered about these underwater architectural anomalies – perhaps something of shocking significance.
    Built on Land – Lost During Last Pole Shift?

    There are several Western scholars who argue that the pyramid on the seabed may have been initially made on the mainland, after which a devastating earthquake struck and changed the landscape completely. Other scientists argue that a few hundred years ago the waters of the Bermuda Triangle area may have as one of the cornerstone activities of the people of Atlantis, and Pyramids on the sea floor may be a supply warehouse for them.
    A more detailed study over time will give results that are difficult to imagine. Scientists have processed all of the data and concluded that the surface is perfectly smooth for it to look like glass or ice. The size of the pyramids are nearly three times the size of the pyramids of Cheops. This news was sensational, and was discussed at a conference in Florida and even reported to local Florida newspapers.. The journalists present in it, have a lot of pictures and high resolution computerized data, which show three-dimensional pyramids perfectly smooth, without being covered with a surface free of debris or algae or cracks.
    Pyramid Discovery Challenges Current Archaelogical Theory

    A gigantic structure, initially identified by a doctor in the 1960s, has recently been independently verified by diving teams from France and the U.S.
    The discovery has rocked scientists around the world. Will they rush to investigate it? No, they’re more likely to studiously ignore it. If pressed, they’ll officially position themselves as highly skeptical—especially in light of the potential ramifications.
    The pyramid could confirm some engineers’ contentions that pyramids were originally created as massive power sources, support the claim that the ancient city-state of Atlantis did exist, or even provide answers to the mysterious goings-on that have been recorded since the 19th Century in the region of the Atlantic dubbed the Bermuda Triangle.
    First discovered in 1968

    According to the history, the pyramid was accidentally discovered during 1968 by a doctor of naturopathy, Ray Brown of Mesa, Arizona.
    Brown was in the Caribbean on vacation and making dives with friends in a region off the Bahamas known as “the Tongue of the Ocean.” The area acquired that name because a tongue-shaped portion of the seabed extends out from the island before sharply dropping off into much greater depths.
    When relating his discovery, the doctor explained he became separated from his diving friends underwater. While attempting to rejoin them he came upon a massive structure rising from the ocean floor: a black, hulking object silhouetted against the lighter sun-filtered water. The object was shaped like a pyramid.
    Because he was low on air, he didn’t spend much time investigating the pyramid, but did find a strange crystal sphere.
    He brought it to the surface with him and later when the ancient crystal was studied researchers were astonished by its properties.
    Properties of Crystal Pyramids
    Some theories of Atlantis propose the island city’s power pyramids were made of crystal, or their tops were capped with a crystalline substance.
    Could such a thing actually generate, store, and distribute energy on demand? Yes.
    Experimenters discovered decades ago that pyramids do tend to act in some ways like a natural electrical capacitor gathering and storing energy around them. The larger the pyramid, the greater the capacity of gathering and storing energy. A pyramid’s composition is important too. Having one made of crystal, or an apex made of crystal, could vastly increase its power.

    Crystal has long been known to have energy applications and exhibits natural piezoelectricalproperties.
    Early radio used germanium crystals to capture the radiowaves and convert them into electrical signals that could be processed and broadcast through headphones into soundwaves duplicating the human voice, music, and other sounds.
    Pyramid power, say investigators, is intrinsic to the pyramid shape. It’s an architecture that’s proven to function as an energy accumulator and amplifier of energetic force.
    As if to prove the investigators’ assertions true, recently some of the worlds pyramids began discharging beams of raw energy into space. [See: World's Pyramids Beaming Energy]
    The bottom line? Pyramids are intrinsically natural generators of power.
    Pyramids and the ‘Cavity Structural Effect’

    Barry Carter calls attention to another property that pyramids exhibit called the “Cavity Structural Effect” (CSE) by its discoverer, Dr. Viktor S. Grebennikov. The scientist employed the CSE to construct a rudimentary anti-gravitic platform.
    Viktor S. Grebennikov demonstrates anti-gravity platform
    Carter explains that “Grebennikov also claimed that he could feel energies emitting from the apex of a pyramid: ‘You will soon pick up an active zone, a “clot”, where the Egyptians had their tombs. Another active zone (a “flame”) above the top of the pyramid is also well-perceived by the indicator if you drag its end over the top. The “clot” and the “flame” are well-felt by the finger inserted into the pyramid, or your palm moved above it after some practice. The pyramid effect, which generated many scary and mysterious stories over the centuries, is one of the CSE manifestations.’”
    A Bermuda Triangle ‘Death Vortex’
    Another deadly phenomenon pyramids may create: an energy vortex

    Besides the time and spatial anomalies reported in the Triangle, some survivors of terrifing incidents there have reported huge, swirling vortices suddenly appearing and disappearing .
    Evidence exists that some missing ships may have gone missing because of this phenomenon.
    Observations of some of the submerged pyramids reveals they sporadically generate intense vortices in the ocean water flowing around them. Those vortices may be caused by a discharge of internal energy.
    If those submerged pyramids also discharge massive enegy through their apexes, that could account for the formation of deadly vortices on the surface of the sea that swallows up whole ships along with their doomed crews.
    Future expeditions to these mysterious pyramids may finally uncover the truth and reveal amazing ancient technology.
    Unfortunately, deep sea archaeology is very expensive and not well-funded. Most dives are to ancient wrecks that promise riches to risk-taking treasure hunters.
    And, of course, the world’s universities are not especially eager to explore the idea that very ancient ruins containing high technology may exist that challenges virtually all of the foundations of their pet theories.

    Two Giant Underwater Crystal Pyramids Discovered in the Center of the Bermuda TriangleEndAllDisease.com
  2. Brokor

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    It's a really cool story, but I have a tough time taking any of it seriously.
  3. Airtime

    Airtime Monkey+++ Site Supporter

    Especially when one part of the story says they were 2000 meters deep, investigated by dive teams and originally found in 1968 by a guy, who coincidentally studies "naturopathy," scuba diving while on vacation. Divers, and a recreational diver as well, going a mile and a quarter down?!!!

    Me thinks some folks are sitting in a pub somewhere laughing their tails off at the proliferation and promulgation of this latest chapter they authored.

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  4. kellory

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    Seven league boots needed.....this crap is getting deep.
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  5. Brokor

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    Yeah, I caught that, too. Also, when it said that the diver caught the pyramid's shadow against the sunlight...over 2000 meters below the surface. LOL!
    Seriously, some people have way too much time on their hands and smoke some good sh*t.
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  6. Wheelsucker

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    Sounds like something the guy w/ weird hair on the hilariously-named History Channel would be going on about.
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  7. chelloveck

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    I think April1st would have been a more appropriate date to be sharing this kind of woo. It isn't even plausible woo.

    I wouldn't be all that surprised to learn that one of the pyramids contains Obama‘s Kenyan birth certificate!
  8. BTPost

    BTPost Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

    If you Google, or Bing, the Good Doctors name, you get NOTHING except his BS Story.... No Bio, or Wiki, or anything to cooberate that he actually exists, in the REAL World, and NOTHING about his Credentials in the Field, or where he Studies or Teaches.... He seems to be as Ghostly as his Story..... .....
  9. Airtime

    Airtime Monkey+++ Site Supporter

    Look up "naturopathy" on Wikipedia.... You'll get a kick out of that.
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