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    According to one of the comments on the site they were rival gang members. It happened in Brazil. Apparently they were fighting outside and when he tried to pull his gun the other guy took it from him and shot him. The situation progressed from there. Is there a lesson here? I mean other than don't join a gang. I think there is. If you're in a situation, make sure you have room to use your weapon before drawing. Otherwise you risk getting shot with your own gun. For me it highlights the importance of mastering more than one form of self defence. This is something I certainly need to practice.
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    It's a wonder that the gangsta wrestling with the vic

    It's a wonder that the gangsta wrestling with the vic wasn't shot by his accomplice. There was enough random led flying about that ricochets could have just about taken anyone out nearby.

    The videoclip showed the need for situational awareness....evidenced by the smart, timely reactions of the guy with the baseball cap centre picture who was ferreting around in his bag.....he P'dOQ and out of sight even before the 2 perps and vic had entered through the vestibule door. The vic evidently hadn't managed to keep a margin of space between him and the perps and consequently had his pistol wrestled off him.

    The clip showed that a back up gun or knife in a leg holster would be a good idea. It is not known at what stage the vic received his fatal wound, but it would at least have given the vic a fighting chance, and at the very least it would have given him the opportunity of taking the perps down to Hades with him.

    Although by the time the perps had fled the scene the vic was beyond self help first aid, keeping a FAK on the person would have at least given samaritan byestanders the chance of rendering first aid to prevent or slow a bleedout. I carry a FAK on me most times I am travelling in public. Sydney is nothing like Rio in Brazil, but over the years I have come across situations where rendering first aid was necessary...even if they they didn't involve gunshot wounds.

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    A LOT MORE SKILLS. If he would have known how to disarm the first guy when he was playing with the gun then do a tap rack bang then engage guy number two very fast maybe he could have made it.
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    if you draw a weapon.... use it don't run your mouth.... or someone will take if from you and use it... YMMV
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    If you need to pull out a fire arm pull it out with the barrell smoking!

    Ive alaways figured if your in unavoidable fight .... FIGHT TO WIN
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    In a city keeping one's margin of space can make for some mighty odd walking habits. ;)
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    Possibly, but on two occasions when confronted with knives, I managed to distract, then run, then turn as I drew my 9mm. Both times, without firing the confrontation was over, as the perp fled. This was pre easy ccw, and I was illegally carrying.
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    If I were that close to him, I don't know that I would have attempted to pull a gun. I would have probably pulled my knife. Gained wrist control of the assailant, pulled my knife. But definitely.. you need to learn to fight on the ground. 99% of the fights end up on the ground. Learn how to get the other guy there and then learn what to do when you get them down on the ground.

    IMO, guns are not weapons you want at 1 foot distance/close body contact. Too much variance in positions to ensure a clean shot and limited visibility increases chances of 3rd party casualties. Up close, it's hand to hand for me.

    at 15-18 seconds, the perp forgot to turn the safety off. Hindsight is always 20/20.. but knees go out REALLY fast with a full force kick to them. He could have gone right to hand to hand at this time, and maybe had a better chance to get away.

    Aside from that, if you're a gang banger... you've lowered your life span by 30% right off the bat and if you're a gang banger traveling without any backup, then your chances of getting ganged up on and getting popped goes up exponentially.
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