two recent assasinations of govt workers

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    recent assasinations of govt worker

    posted on thefringe ats site link is for the washington post but they want you to login to tead it..
    govt worker with ts clearances killed in a bizarre incident
    Sorry I onlysee one incident here...Sean nicholas green.

    First, Sean Nicholas Green: He had a high level security clearance, so you know he passed a backround/criminal records check. There is no obvious motive to the crime. Friends and family say nothing unusual seemed to be going on in his life. He was following his normal daily routine. Witnesses say he was clearly targeted during the incident, so it wasn't a random crime.

    I wonder if he came across some incriminating computer evidence and, if so, did he even know it?.

    What a bright future wasted.

    An Oxon Hill man who worked with sensitive national security information was fatally shot Wednesday evening as he sat in his car at a stop light near his home, according to police, family members and coworkers.

    Sean Nicholas Green, 31, had stopped at a red light at about 5:31 p.m. when a man approached his car and fired several shots into the driver's side window of his black Cadillac Deville, police and family members said.
    Cpl. Clinton Copeland, a spokesman for Prince George's County police, said detectives do not have a suspect and are still working to establish a motive for the killing. "It doesn't appear to be a carjacking, he was sitting at the light, he wasn't the only car there -- it's weird stuff, a mystery right now," Copeland said.

    OXON HILL, Md. - Family members of an Oxon Hill man are as mystified by his death as the police investigating the case; the shooting was not a robbery, and the question that lingers is whether the gunman knew his victim, and if so, how.

    Sean Nicholas Green, 31, was in his car apparently leaving his Oxon Hill community about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday when he stopped before turning onto St. Barnabas Road. His family thinks that he was on his way to the gym and then on to his mother's house.

    He was the second of five or six cars in the right turn lane at the intersection, investigators believe. Witnesses said a gunman, dressed in a black jacket with his hood up, walked up to Green's Cadillac and fired nine shots into the driver's-side window.

    The gunman did not say anything to Green or try to open the car door, witnesses said.

    "The individual just walked up him -- the window being up, the door closed -- and discharged his firearm several times, striking Mr. Green," said Prince Georges County police Cpl. Steve Pacheco.

    Green died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds to the head
    Green's family said he had attended the University of Maryland and Frostburg State University, earning a computer science degree.
    He held a top secret security clearance in his work as a computer specialist with the National Counter-Terrorism Center, a federal agency. They say Green loved his job and was recently promoted.
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    J. Edgar Hoover is dead,.... right?
    Nah, must be a coicidence!
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    Here's the rest of that ATS post;

    once I saw the second (worker with "high level security ties" was "Kanika the security guard", I couldn't keep a straight face long enough to finish the monkey post...)

    And Kanika Powell, another victim with high level security ties...

    Kanika Powell suspected something when the man knocked on her door claiming to be an FBI agent. He held a badge up to her peephole but walked away when Powell refused to open up without seeing a photo ID.

    Five days later, there was another knock at the door of her Laurel area apartment. This time a different man, who said he was delivering a package. When Powell again refused to open the door, he also left — no package, no note where it could be claimed.

    Five hours later, Powell was outside her door after returning from errands. Someone was waiting in the hallway and opened fire, riddling her with bullets. She died a day later, this past Friday, and police have no idea why she was killed.

    Her slaying has all the trappings of a television drama: e-mail messages Powell, 28, left behind about the strange men coming to her door; her mysterious career at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where she worked as a security specialist; the FBI’s insistence that none of its agents approached the woman; and investigators who say they can find no apparent motive for her killing — no spurned lover, no robbery, no signs of gang activity, nothing.

    So according to what she told family and friends - there were several different men who approached her, claiming to be FBI agents. So it's not some random lone gunman who was obsessed or something.

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    Did they both work for the same agency?

    Note: if you get a position with a secret government agency the first thing you should do is replace the glass on the driver's window of your car with polycarbonate.
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    No, kanika was a security guard in aphysics labtaser1...Sean worked for homeland securityI think...
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    Physics makes things go BOOM ......right?
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    It's the study of the behavior of the world around us.

    So, yes, it could be the study of things that go "Boom" and why they would.

    If I'm wrong, someone will be along shortly to correct me :).
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    Colleges are studying the physics of the world around us...utilizing government and private grants.

    Any physics labs owned/operated by the government are weapons labs. More better for killing you my dear! Her job is directly tied to knowledge that TPTB does not want out. If they had even the slightest inkling that she was in the process of trying to disseminate any info or might in the future their best course of action is to eliminate her. Charging her only brings to light that there was something to get out. Same goes for the kid. Plenty of eager young technicians and guards waiting in line for a job.

    Hmmm speaking of jobs...maybe I should check out! Not!

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