Two year old followup questions, Bad idea

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    Observation: Asking a followup question on a conversation that is over two years old, is a bad idea.

    Story: I am an electrician. About two to three years ago, I responded to a call about a commercial building with a power outage. I was temporarily restoring power to one office space's Server/Phone systems, seance they had a 911 status.

    As I was working, one of the ladies that works there asked me a question. Her question was, Her window air conditioner kept blowing fuses, So she put aluminum foil into the fuse holder. I went on to say how dangerous that was and she needs to call an electrician to fix it.

    Will. Last week, I was back in that building fixing a light. I was taking a break at the vending machines. She was in there reading a book. While I was looking to see what I wanted to eat, I asked her if she has fixed that fuse that kept blowing. She closed her book and gave me a look, and asked what fuse. I went on to say, the Fuse that the air conditioner kept blowing. She asked how did I know about that fuse, I answered you told me about it some time ago. I am just following-up to see if you have fixed it yet. I looked away to press a button and looked back, She was gone.

    Conclusion: If you ask a followup question that is over two years old, Then they will thank that you are a stalker.

    I thank if she had a taser, She may have used it on me. [taser1]
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    Devil say, "Indian, you bragged in council last night that you have a perfect memory for conversation."
    Indian say, "Yes."
    Devil say, "We'll prove that, or you go to hell. Do you like eggs?"
    Indian say, "Yes."
    POOF!! Devil disappear.
    Twenty years later, up jumps the Devil, finds the Indian, and says, "How."
    Indian say ""Fried."
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    [fnny] good one.
  4. BadSCR

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    I have an OK memory.

    I got the servers, phones, and a few computers wired to a generator.
    Then we all had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and whip cream, since it was all melting, no power to the freezer.

    One of the Service connect wires was broken, duke energy's problem. I helped evacuate the building.
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