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    Welcome to my Rocky Mountain Retreat folks!

    Please don't mind the chill in the air, step inside the cabin and make yourself at home.

    There's been a few changes in the world of late. Strange doings afoot near and far. Well up here it's not too bad, as long as you don't mind the snow and chilly winter.

    Let me drop a few logs on the fire so the cabin can heat up a bit and tell you a bit about what's been going on.

    It all started with this strange blue light in the skies several years back, at first everyone thought it was the end of the world, but it wasn't. It was just the beginning of the next age. You see electricity went down, the grid went down and everyone went pretty wild. Especially in the cities, it was really nasty there.

    Places away from the populated areas were better in the long run. The homesteads, ranches and high-places did alright mostly, but with their own challenges. Even there though things could get bad. You see after a lot of the cities ran out of food people got desperate. They wanted more food, water that no longer came out of the tap. There was a lot of death and killing in them places but what happened in the end was the toughest of the gangs and looters formed into gangs. Those folks had raiding down to quite an art. Some of the smarter ones figured out if they could enslave the nearby ranchers and homesteaders to work the land for them, they'd have a steady food supply. That's what happened down in a place called Redmond, but more about that later.

    So when these factions came along many folks found themselves in certain groups. You had quite a lot here in the once USA. Over in Europe it was a bit similar and slightly more organized. I think in England there was more family control over certain areas. On the mainland of Europe it was a mess but some areas formed their own turf with more central control.

    Overall though things were a lot more unrestricted and deregulated. Up here in the Rockies we thought we'd only have bad weather and the occasional straggler from a town to send on their way. Our neighbor Mike Oakley thought the same too. Well we got that one wrong, remember Redmond? Well that place soon got taken over by a big raider gang over all others. One with big ideas and dreams about the future. The only problem was it was the nearby town of Tonswater and more that he wanted!
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