type 2 diabetes

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    I just read this and thought it was some good info to share.

    He goes on with more info:

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    some recent studies seem to point to bariatric surgery as a means to correct DM...
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    This is the personal health battle I am now fighting. I am learning more and more about controlling dietary intake, and exercise. I am losing weight - a steady pound every two to three days right now, without actually 'dieting' (I was warned to NOT diet or lose weight quickly), just by eating better and walking for exercise.
    My dietary limitations are compounded by the Warfrin blood thinner I am on, for blood clots. Some foods good for one health issue are NOT good for the other - really limits my options at the cafeteria at work and restaurants.
    I am on Metformin too, as well as Diltiazem/CartiaXT for BP control. Had a couple issues early on with dizzyness due to the Cartia, but that has gone away now.
    After a month of this, I actually feel better this day than I have in over a year! As I keep walking and building up my stamina, I can walk further and more surely. My closest co-worker has noticed the improvement.
    It's gonna be a real battle, but the good thing is, I feel no urge to eat the 'bad stuff', which I thought I would. I think the week in the hospital helped flush me out, and I no longer feel any 'need' to use caffein, sugar or fatty foods. No greasy fried stuff, no sugar snacks or drinks, no bacon or chips! No cravings...... yet.
    I do look forward to being able likely to get off the meds, eventually. The good eating and exercise habits will have to be lifelong!
    This will really affect my food storage - gotta watch salt intake, and white rice is NOT good for diabetics. Canned goods are very bad - major SALT! So I will store some Brown Rice and rotate it before it spoils. Lentils and beans are still good. NO dark green leafy veggies though! Too much Vitamin K that would interfere with the blood thinner.
    Good incentive to begin my gardening, and eat fresh home-grown veggies!
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