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    Comparable Energy Cost of Cooking Appliances
    Appliance Energy Cost Per Hour1
    Electric Oven $0.30 -$0.60 Per Hour
    Electric Range $0.07 – $0.30 Per Hour
    Gas Oven $0.05 – $0.11 Per Hour
    Gas Range $0.04 – $0.08 Per Hour
    Crock Pot or Slowcooker $0.01 – $0.03 Per Hour

    Energy Cost of Preparing Chicken Stock
    Appliance Cooking Time Approximate Total Energy Cost
    Electric Range 12 – 14 hours $0.84 – $4.20
    Gas Range 12 – 14 hours $0.60 – $1.12
    Slowcooker / Crockpot 24 – 36 hours $0.24 – $1.08

    Energy Cost of Preparing a Pot Roast
    Appliance Cooking Time Approximate Total Energy Cost
    Electric Oven 3 – 4 hours $0.90 – $2.40
    Gas Oven 3 – 4 hours $0.15 – $0.44
    Slowcooker / Crockpot 10 – 14 hours $0.10 – $0.42
    1. Data sourced from Flex Your Power, except Slowcooker Data which was calculated at Nourished Kitchen.

    I couldnt find energy costs for thermal pots
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    Wonder what the cost breakdown would be for a wood cook stove.
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    Well, I have a tagine that I use to cook on top of the coal/peat/wood stove fairly often.. we don't have central heating so in the winter the stove is going all the time anyways, Might as well cook for free :)
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  4. tacmotusn

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    There is a vast difference in price between Natural Gas (where available - urban/metro areas mostly) and Propane Gas (used in rural/remote areas) which is considerably more expensive than Natural Gas. In my personal insignificant usage I have found electricity to be cheaper than available LP gas. YMMV
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    Very true @tacmotusn .... I just though it was an interesting energy comparison. I don't have access to propane costs as they vary widely depending on how far it's hauled
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  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    Ms @Ganado
    Gas as in LPG or NG ?
    Price out the difference & see the LIGHT !!

    EDITED ::

    My LPG is in 100# units & cost under 50$ per fill & give 3/4 year stove / & the oven part .
    Premier like the Amish use.
    NG Id be 3 times & all the BS & extras & taxes (because of just like power = Connected to the pipe )
    Get a hand truck & and move it YOURSELF !
    Tank weight = 81 # TW= Tare weight or tank weight..
    full it should weigh 181# , the frigging 20% FACTOR IS BUILT IN !!!!
    Hence spill orifices..
    Don't get Screwed out, Many who fill (or as they say they did , Didn't & keep the 20% and then give a story about the 20% expansion ) So My 100# tanks are MT=81 #'s & full are 181#'s .. For a 100# tank!
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    Don't get f**ked out. This post edited by author for being inappropriate to topic at hand.
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  8. Ganado

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    the comparison was for cooking appliances not heating the darn house.

    Also everyone's area has different costs.

    Hell in Phoenix metro area gasoline prices vary as much as 50 cents so area deviation is expected. If you thought this was the end all be all of costs you are knieve.

    The whole point was an experiment to see what was a cheaper way to cook. And of cours my large crock pot pulls more wattage than my 4 qt so those numbers might be off there as well

    Never the less it was an interesting exercise that I thought I would share this wasn't a 'whole house comparison'. It would be nice if people actually read the post before posting everything and the kitchen sink.
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    I have offended thee saucy wench. OMG. So taketh thee eyes and ears and tongue and feed thee dogs. I have drove her mad as her wrathful misspelling show her to be nearly incoherent. I will fall on thy great sword resting hilt first on thy ground in front of thee. Forgive forgive but forget not this naïve knave.
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  11. Cruisin Sloth

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    Propane here is JUST for Cooking !!
    Heat is Wood stoves 3 !
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  12. arleigh

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    I am on propane, and have gone to switching the water heater to pilot , till I plan on needing the hot water .that way it's not wasting gas in the mean time. I've got a solar water heater , but not installed yet.
    When I cook on the gas stove I only run the burner as long as it takes to get things started and then leave it covered while it finishes cooking.
    It's a learning curve but it works. Other cooking is done in the microwave , but I'm thinking of doing some solar cooking in the future.
    I use a wood stove in the winter months , and I haven't had to buy wood in years .
    Probably the only cost is, gas for the chain saw, and my tractor moving logs.
  13. duane

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    Problem with propane in NH is the delivery cost. Buying it bulk for your own tank, high up front cost, may be less than half the cost of filling a small company owned tank every 6 weeks and may vary by up to 25 % from one company to the next at any given time. The companies will only fill "their" leased tanks, so you are a captive if you do not own the tank. The fixed costs, truck, driver per mile, fuel for truck, insurance for truck, dead time between deliveries, etc is the same for a 10 gal delivery or a 500 gal delivery. If you have a greenhouse or a multi fuel generator, it may well pay you to bite the bullet and purchase a large tank as the propane companies can not make any money on a large tank that is just setting there waiting for an emergency, power loss, cold snap, etc and will charge you either rent or a premium on the gas you buy. The end cost of cooking and water heating with propane in my experience over the last 30 years is that the size of the storage tank, who owns it, and how often it is filled may double the cost from one dealer to the next and is highly dependent on the size of the tank and the usage. Real problem is always on the use for a standby generator or heater, the companies do not want their money tied up in a tank that is not being filled on a regular basis and can not be depended on refilling the tank in a timely manner if a wide spread emergency occurs as their first priority will be their "regular" heating and cooking fills.
  14. arleigh

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    I have used many different fuels in the past both for cooking an heating including my gasoline stove.
    I've got kerosene stoves as well and thanks to this forum found a source for new wicks for it.
    I don't believe that it is prudent to rely on a single source for energy but to have several sources at one's disposal using the more available/economic first, but not neglecting other avenues of approaching the same problem.
    At one point I actually used candles fr heat and it worked well to a point . smoke is still an issue , and even though bees wax is best , it still requires that you have ventilation allowing the smoke out/and or capturing it. any live flame is consuming oxygen just like you do. Never for get that.
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