Tyranny Lurking Everywhere

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Yard Dart, May 25, 2013.

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    Tyranny around the corner -- Team Obama trashes Constitution to pursue opponents | Fox News
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    Good article. One would hope that a President with a background in Constitutional Law would defend and support the Constitution, rather than using his knowledge to dismantle the protections that it was meant to provide. This president though has elevated himself into an entirely new class of enemies of the constitution.

    Going after this reporter was total BS, and it should have been obvious to the judge who issued the warrant. The contractor, if he revealed classified information, is fair game; but the reporter, by asking questions, is just doing his job. The contractor needed to understand, if he actually did anything wrong in this case, that information being in the public domain is not an automatic get out of jail free card. It has to be information that has been released or confirmed by an official source. Otherwise, he can still potentially be prosecuted.

    Signing those non-disclosure statements (as he did), in order to be granted access to sensitive information, is a two edged sword. You don't know everything that will be revealed to you until after you have given your word (and opened yourself up to prosecution) that you will not improperly reveal it to another. Sometimes, information can become a burden.
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