Tyson Is Accused of Assaulting Cameraman

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Nov 10, 2005.

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    SAO PAULO, Brazil - Mike Tyson was questioned by police early Thursday after a television cameraman accused the former heavyweight champion of assaulting him outside a nightclub.

    Tyson was scheduled to appear in court Friday, where he could face charges of assault and destruction of property, police spokeswoman Kelly Pinheiro said.

    Carlos Eduardo da Silva, a cameraman with the Brazilian television network SBT, told police Tyson pushed him and threw his camera to the ground outside the club, then removed a videotape and put it in his pocket.

    Police said Tyson acknowledged damaging the camera but denied pushing Silva. He was later released.

    The 39-year-old Tyson held a news conference Wednesday asking the Brazilian media not to approach him at night.

    Tyson came to Sao Paulo following a trip to Argentina, where he was interviewed by soccer great Diego Maradona on his late-night show.

    The former champion has been in trouble in and out of the ring for much of his adult life. Tyson has served time for rape, bitten Evander Holyfield's ear, tried to break another fighter's arm and threatened to eat the children of former champion Lennox Lewis.
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    Oh yea, I'm proud that this psycho lives in Vegas! He must know who to assault - if it were me he'd be full .45ACP.

    Why? Is he scared? [tf]
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    This is a very bad thing to say, but I believe the very best use for that sod is to skin him out and use his hide for a wet suit. He is useless.
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    he must miss his prison b*****s :eek:
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    And, I'm sorry to say, that in '87-'88, I was very much a Tyson fan. I remember when he was an up and comming TKO king. My friends and I looked up to him and wanted to see where he would go.

    +1 on the wet suit
  6. monkeyman

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    To bad he had to pick the one time of dealing with his mama to have a brain and make the right choice.
    For those who dont know the story of mama Tyson, after he was already up and comeing in the ring and becomeing known (as I understand) he pissed of his mama and she told him she was gonna whip him for it. He informed her she wasnt big enouph to whip him anymore and mama Tyson shrugged and went into her room then returned with a .38 in one hand and a belt in the other and asked him, 'Now, which hand you want?'... Needless to say he got a whippin.... What a time for him to have made a right choice! ;)
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