U.N. Workers Beheaded

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by Spartan300, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Okay, these rabies infected monkeys need to be put down for good. Seriously. We are human beings, and we are fully capable of rational thinking. If we cannot keep clear of these people and stay out of their countries, then we need to carpet bomb and nuke until their hateful religion is destroyed. I would prefer the former, but the latter is sounding pretty good right about now.


    What's next? Throw us in jail for exercising our rights as Americans, just so they don't have consequences halfway around the world?

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    What's interesting about that is that UN people are paying for the actions of a couple of US louts. A couple more incidents like that should help increase the pressure to reduce their numbers some.
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    Nah. The U.N. will never stop. Soldiers are expendable. All it will do is place more pressure on us, the American ("evil") people, who worship Jews and despise the Arabs. The average American will be beaten and arrested for simply talking out against Muslim/Islam -and it will all be for the good of the world so as not to anger the loving Muslims who want only peace and to spread their peaceful, loving religion far and wide.
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    Yes, these stories are getting very old. Americans have always been open to diversity, and for the most part very charitable and giving. Are we however going to be remembered for our kindness and generosity or for our stupidity? It is one thing to be tolerant, but to be blind is quite another. The growing Shariah threat in America should not be underestimated. Do we have any men left in America? Do we have any men left in Washington? Are we just going to let political correctness drive us straight into the ground? What has happened to our spine? Are we so soft and apathetic that we just ignore this madness? One word.....denial.
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    Note: U.S.; get out of the U.N.
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    Being a member of the UN isn't as bad as funding the UN. We need to stop paying more than a fair and equal share.
    However, if the US did that; the UN would be gone. :D
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    Those killings over a thrice-damned BOOK are totally over the top, and show this NON-religion for what it is...... a domineering philosophy of hate and total control.

    Excuse me.... gotta go find twelve korans...... gotta a hot range date..... [freedom]
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    Dumb is as dumb does.

    Where culpability for the murder of the UN workers in Afghanistan is to be assessed....I would suggest that the provocateurs, as well as the provoked, ought be judged for what they have done. Whatever anyone's feelings about the United Nations as an institution, it seems to be overlooked, that the UN workers were human beings, deserving of the enjoyment of their life as much as anyone else, and it seems a little precious to defend the actions of the dumbass religiose clowns in Florida as a freedom of speech issue, separating the exercise of the right of freedom of speech, from the consequences of the irresponsible abuse of that right. Instead of the soft target of UN workers (apparently the murderers were after Americans to kill, but the Americans tend to be armed there and are inclined to shoot back), were the rioters to kill 7 or 8 American civilian aid workers.....would the death of 7 or 8 Americans be an acceptable price to pay for some Christian fanatic to use their constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of speech to pull some dumbass bigotted religious stunt? At what point would the loss of and the cost in American life consequential to American Quranic book burning become unacceptable?

    I find it bizarre beyond belief that two christian mad mullahs ( or rabid reverends if you wish) justified their stunt by saying

    "Islam is presenting itself as a religion of peace," (as said by Jones to The Christian Post last year.)

    I would argue that Christianity, despite its claims to exclusivity of truth, cannot exactly be considered to be a religion of peace either. Relative to Islam, Christianity is arguably somewhat less pernicious, but compared to Jainism, Christianity is not greatly less pernicious than Islam as far as peace is concearned. I consider all religions to be forms of cultural viruses, that are self replicating and self protecting, living off their hosts (human societies) like parasitic pathogens. Using the cultural virus analogy, I find it passingly strange that some Florida anthrax microbes are claiming that a bunch of Caliphate ebola microbes are more toxic and virulent than the ebola microbes claim to be. I say a pox on both their houses.
    As a secular humanist, I give no credence to any of the sacred books of the world's religions, and I see no reason to favour the sacred writings of a bunch of bronze age goat herders over the sacred writings of a bunch of iron age goat herders, let alone a bunch of gunpowder age cattle herders (LDS) or Nuclear age engramologists (Scientology). That is not to say that I do not, on occasion, read their various "sacred" texts. I have read more from the Christian Testaments than the Talmud, the Quaran, the BOM or Dianetics and although there are pearls of wisdom to be found in some sacred texts, there is also a lot of dross to be found in each and every one of them too (some more than others). In a TEOTWAWKI situation, for the want of anything better, I would have no qualms about wiping my backside with the pages from any of the world's religion's sacred texts, with the possible exception of the small Gideon's New Testament bible I got at School (the pages being far too small for practical backside wiping). Having said that....it would be something that I would do in the privacy of my own outhouse.....what I would not do, is to wipe my backside with sacred toilet paper as a public statement to make some otiose idealogical point (Though truth to tell, earning everlasting infamy as a Youtube celebrity does have its.attractions) : O
    As far as I am concerned, the two rabid reverends from Florida are a pair of dumbass, gutless, cowardly (Immanuel) Ka*ts (My profound apologies to the Prussian philosopher). The rabid reverends have kicked an ideological hornets nest without any of the personal risk to themselves of doing so. I do wonder if the Floridan clerical clowns would be so sanguin Quran burners if they were to perform their stunt outside the main mosque in Kabul? I doubt that they would have the courage of their convictions.

    It is probably unlikely that the two dumbass crazy clerics from Florida will ever travel to Nepal, Norway, Romania or Sweden, but if I were the Foreign Minister of any of those countries, I'd have Sapp and Jones on a watch list for immediate deportation as undesirable persons. If they did try to enter my country I'd have them deported on a military transport aircraft, strap T10 parachutes on them and drop them somewhere in the boonies of Afghanistan. I'm not a monster...I'd even throw in reserve chutes and a little ground training (they would probably be very motivated and attentive students). They would be given a bag full of Quarans, a bunch of cigarette lighters and all the gas they care to carry (It gets very cold in Afghanistan after all). I'd be very interested to see how they would make out.
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    I do believe in God and much more, but I am no fan of most any organized religious group I have encountered yet. What I feel and believe is between me and my God. The fact that so many have died in the name of this or that religious organization is my main complaint. Often even occuring between minor differing sects of the same religion. Christianity has it's faults as do all religions, but it has been a long long time since anyone has been put to death in the name of Jesus Christ, except in self defense. Backward assed illiterate muslims are easily whipped into a frenzy due to their condition in life, brain washed upbringing, etc. The fact that they are willing to kill innocents at the drop of a koran, makes them abominations on the face of this earth. Had I the ability to nuke their sorry asses, I would do so with little or no remorse. Even though they upset me so greatly, I do not rage and riot and procede to my nearest mosque to slaughter as many muslims as neccessary to sate my blood lust. I know it would be wrong, and act accordingly. My holy text even says so. So dies theirs but they are so deceived and illiterate not to know it. I hope they enjoy hell when they die.seesaw
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    So, by killing a few totally uninvolved civilians, somehow that retaliates for the actions of a loon in Florida? That is wanton killing for the sake of killing.

    Whatever anyone's feelings about the United Nations as an institution, it seems to be overlooked, that the UN workers were human beings, deserving of the enjoyment of their life as much as anyone else, and it seems a little precious to defend the actions of the dumbass religiose clowns in Florida as a freedom of speech issue, separating the exercise of the right of freedom of speech, from the consequences of the irresponsible abuse of that right.

    I really do differentiate between screwing with symbols and murder. Flag burning pisses me off, but not to the point of murder (facial rearrangement, well, maybe or a couple months on moldy bread and pig piss.)

    Massive retaliation has its place in war, it's a way to shorten the agony rather than entering into a hatfield-mccoy situation that will do nothing but continue or escalate. Which, of course, is tribal, just what we have in the 'stans; modern day whirling dervishes under mind control of imams with no sense of proper justice.

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    Veck, there is a line between devil's advocate and provocateur. It the USA, we don't really give a rat's ass about your opinion of what we choose to protest. All arguements aside, there will eventually have to be a conflict/resolution and anything that slows the process, prolongs the agony. When a fight is unavoidable, it is better to break the barrier and get it on.
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    He's a real dumb preacher to endanger his whole flock like that. He's on a Crusade, visibly.
    What we are seeing here are bad sides of both Christianity and Islam. 7-1 vengance Ratio, huh?
    They are so predictable. The U.N. is playing both sides like a fiddle while they are stumped by the riddle.
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    We all have terrible "skeletons in our closets" in the world's religions. Perversion of and abuse of power is dangerous where ever and when ever is rears it's ugly head. Whether one believes in the Judeo Christian God or some monkey god it is what they do in their heart that matters. I am a Christian and am quite aware of other's beliefs and non beliefs. Cruelty and murder is condemned in most religions and it should be but leaders with their own aggenda and power struggles often pervert those teachings for their own ego and/or goals.
    In the end, we are responsible for our own actions, reactions, or failure to do so. God looks on the heart. What we do in life makes us accountable when we pass through the veil. Even if one does not believe in any God or "path" there is that nagging knowledge deep inside that there is something more than life. One can deny it but hopefully it will never go away.
    As for burning the koran--that is not killing anyone--it is making a statement(right or wrong). It does not give anyone the right to murder. Those who have murdered now give the world a license to react--therein lies the problem.
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    In his indispensable book “America Alone,” Mark Steyn records how British Gen. Sir Charles Napier handled India’s tradition of “suttee” — the practice of burning widows to death in their husband’s funeral pyre. He told the locals:
    “You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: When men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.”
    In America, we used to have a custom, too: Freedom of expression. Citizens moved to protest burned books, waved posters calling for the death of unpopular presidents, torched flags and the like. Americans didn’t necessarily like watching elected officials being burned in effigy, but we didn’t get too worked up about it, either.

    Now we have a new standard: The Muslim Standard. Burning books is fine — just not the Koran. Offensive political cartoons are no problem — unless they offend Islamists.
    The result is a moment that is extremely uncustomary: The president of the United States, members of Congress and key military leaders joining together to condemn an American citizen for political protest — not because it violates our values, but because it violates the values of militant, living in the 9th-century Islamists.
    In other words, Barack Obama has brought the free speech standards of Iran and the Gaza Strip to the streets of the United States.
    Since American liberals don’t have the guts to say it, allow me: the Rev. Terry Jones hasn’t done anything wrong. Nothing.
    He burned a book. So what? Book burning isn’t illegal, immoral or — in a free society — particularly interesting. Jones is just another media-hungry activist with an issue to promote.
    When Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says he wishes “we could find some way to hold people accountable,” what does he want to hold Jones accountable for? Carbon emissions from the burning pages?
    Some nut burns a Koran, I don’t worry.
    But when a sitting U.S. senator says, “Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war,” that’s when I start having sleepless nights.
    “Free speech is a great idea, but . . . ?” But what? If it truly is a “custom” to murder cartoonists and kill over the Koran, then Islam has the problem — not us.
    Book burning does not cause murder. Religious books held as precious by millions get burned all the time, and without ensuring violence: The Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, The Torah — even the occasional “Dreams of My Father.”
    I’ve read parts of the Koran that make my hair curl, but there are some bloody passages in the Bible that can do the same. So I am making no judgment on whether or not Islam is a violent theology. But I can state with absolute certitude that Islam as practiced today by mobs on the streets of Afghanistan is certainly violent.
    And as long as moderate Muslims and multicultural Americans continue to explain away this violence or blame it on benign acts like cartoons and book burnings, that truth about Islam is not going to change.

    Edit to add: From the Boston Herald - http://www.bostonherald.com/news/op..._illegal_nor_interesting/srvc=home&position=3 (ghrit)
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    freedom of speech I'm all for that.
    Being an [AH] and trying to become a martyr for Christianity and his own footnote in history.

    Numb nutz is planning on coming to my home state of Michigan and protesting in the center of the largest Islamic community in the United States. Expressing an opinion is one thing but carrying a raw steak tied around your neck into the lions den, that is just asking to be eaten.

    Dude, don't you know we jack cars just because they have gas in them? This i murder city (ok we needed to replace the motor city as we exported our manufacturing jobs to low cost labor markets in Mexico and china) or haven't you been reading much about us in the past say, 30 years.

    I just hope he makes it out alive. Hell, Charlie Sheen got boo'd out of town. It's weeks before he get here and a lot of communities are already PO'd.

    He could be targeted by:
    1) Our government; If he was off'ed we could blame it on Muslim Extremists and DHS could start using new special powers that would be granted to them in a time of emergency because we now have 'terrorists' on our own soil conducting operations.

    2) A really pissed off Muslim that doesn't understand our right to free speech no matter how ignorant it might be.

    3) A right wing fringe group that feels that if Jones it taken out it will give credence to their cause and item 1 above would happen. Thus removing or severely limiting movement and freedom of assembly to one of the non Christian populations in our country.

    4) A secret Radical Jewish Ninja Sect, so that the US will finally eradicate the scourge of haters of Israel where ever they be found. They will figure out how to convince us to retaliate for the Holocaust later. (i'm kidding people)

    If we don't get a huge torrential rain storm that keeps him from lighting off a book, I'm crossing my fingers that he immolates himself at the same time. Now that would be making a statement!
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    The man is a fool and a rabble rouser. I fully understand the right of free speach and support it. Ideally to put things into proper perspective and satisfy me, I feel that this fool needs to be slapped silly to wake him up to reality and that all actions have reactions and repercussions. It upsets me greatly that innocents have died because a radical violent religious group chose to use this fools protest as an excuse to kill non-believers of their religion. seesaw There should be something done to stiffle or slow this fools continuing actions. ...... something well short of death. I would suggest that the ideal would be for some Muslim woman in traditional dress (burka and veil), to come forward in Detroit and absolutely slap the snot out of this fool in public, video then widely aired. jmho
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    I put these "Religious Idiots" in the same class as those other "Religious Idiots" that protest at Veterans funerals. Yes, they HAVE their 1st Amendment Rights, which I will support with my Dying Breath. HOWEVER, There is a Personal Responsibility that comes with individual Liberty, and thee folks, IN MY OPINION, show a very large LACK of that Personal Responsibility, and in will have 'No Truck" with such folks, and Denounce Them, at every opportunity.... YMMV....
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