U.S. Marshals Use Facial Recognition Software to Locate Fugitive

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    Leavenworth Escapee Caught After Almost 37 Years
    South Florida Sun-Sentinel | Mar 14, 2014 | by Wayne K. Roustan

    One of the U.S. Army's "15 Most Wanted" was tracked down in Deerfield Beach after nearly 37 years on the run, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

    James Robert Jones, 59, was arrested Thursday after marshals followed him from his home to his job in Pompano Beach, they said.

    Jones was an Army private when he was convicted of premeditated murder and aggravated assault in 1974. He was serving a 23-year sentence when he escaped from the maximum-security prison in Leavenworth, Kan., in 1977, officials said.

    In January, the Army asked the Marshals Service to help solve the cold case. Using a facial recognition database, investigators found a match for Jones under his alias, Bruce Walter Keith, marshals said.

    Jones had gotten a fake Florida driver's license in 1981 using the name. He changed his birthdate but kept his true birth year of 1954 and used his real address in Deerfield Beach on all personal identification and documents, investigators said.

    He admitted his identity after being fingerprinted during his arrest, officials said.
  3. BTPost

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    Cute, Bad Guy actually got caught, by Good Guys, without killing him, on the spot.... Will wonders never cease.....
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  4. Darwin

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    Good guys ? sounds like murder caught buy murderers. FR is going to really bite you all in the end when the UN and Ohbanana come for your guns.
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  5. BTPost

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    Not a lot of FR cameras where I live... (Like NONE) and I am already in MANY FED DataBases, with Files, in all the MAJOR Letters Outfits, anyway. If they want to Fly out here, they can spend the money, anytime they want.... but landing, in one piece, is another ISSUE, altogether....
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  6. Darwin

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    Ok I tend to lump US law enforcement together since they all are under the control of the US Government. Am I rong that on a daily basis US citizens are killed at an alarming rate in the streets, in there own beds by the police?
  7. Pax Mentis

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    Wasting your time...read some of his other crap posts.

    Interesting screen name for such a negative factor in the gene pool though...
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    this is the same argument the anti's use
    One gun was used to kill so they must all be bad.
    You can't lump some LEO's with every bad LEO or bad circumstance that happens as a LEO; and maintain any credibility

    Good gracious Man, what would you say if there was a LEO on here that said all civilians are dirtbags,
    They could use the same rationale, that the majority of the people they deal with are, so it must extend to everyone.

    EVERYTHING is case by case, there are some concerns about tptb and agendas, but to lump that on all the guys and gals on the front line makes YOU look bad

    as for the OP, nice to see the good guys win one
  9. kellory

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    Perhaps it was awarded?;)
  10. Pax Mentis

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    I guess the best commentary on why the site is going downhill is that this asshole's post accusing all US Marshals of being murderers remains and my posts calling him on it has been deleted.

    Guess that shows the current attitude around here better than anything I can think of.

    This post deleted in 3...2...1...
  11. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Nope, this one lives. The deleted posts were removed to avoid a trend toward personal attacks. That has to be nipped in the bud.
  12. Pax Mentis

    Pax Mentis Philosopher King |RIP 11-4-2017

    Interesting double standard you have. It is perfectly acceptable to call me and everyone I ever worked with a murderer but not to call a POS a POS...

  13. cdnboy66

    cdnboy66 Monkey++

    you can't get too bent out of shape, as your comments about Marshalls and other agencies, are not always glowing reports themselves.
    This is not an attack against you, and I am not trying to pick a fight, but these words were written by someone who used your screen name, granted, they are not in context here and were not written for this thread.

    But most LEO's that I know, have thicker skin than to let some internet comments get their hackles straight up.
    Peace Man,
    I don't think anyone is out to get you......other than trolls......be werry werry careful of trolls.....

  14. BTPost

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    Just a NOTE, here... I have worked with, not just a Few, Deputy US Marshals, when I was a FED, and I have yet to find ONE, that was a Murderer, or even a BAD Guy. Absolutely, They take NO BS off of ANYONE, Period. They are the most Professional, of ALL the Federal Law Enforcement Outfits, as well as being the OLDEST Federal Law Enforcement Outfit. When ANYONE denigrates those Folks, they just show, their own Prejudices, and Bigotry. My Opinion, based on My Experience..... YMMV......
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  15. kellory

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    Back to the OP, they picked this guy up at his own home address, wouldn't that be the first place to look for an escape con?
  16. cdnboy66

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    at the home address of his alias, no??
    wouldn't flag in someone else's name or alias unless that alias is on record

    edit to add: yes it appears he was at the same address but had a new DL....
    wierd they didn't check it prior
  17. BTPost

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    Turns out that the Army had "No Clue where he was, so they didn't have his "Home Address" They went to the US Marshals Service, for help... The Marshal Service put his face into a FR Program that scanned the Drivers License Database and found that he had a DL in Florida, under a different (fictitious) Name. Then they used that Info, to build a dossier, on the guy, and then sent the local Deputy US Marshals, with the Army Warrant, out to pick him up, which they did. One of the Primary Duties of the Marshals Service is to apprehend Escapees on Federal Warrants, and they are VERY Good at that Job.
  18. Pax Mentis

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    The US Marshal Service serves federal warrants...they have done so since before any other federal law enforcement existed. Their fugitive apprehension units have consistently arrested the most dangerous of criminals...and they have done so for the past 150 years with the lowest incidence of casualties to both Deputy Marshals and those they apprehend of any reporting organization. One might note that, in the instant arrest, there was no paramilitary SWAT team at 3:00 AM coming in with flash bangs...no shots were fired. Everyone went home except the guy who went to jail.

    Dring the late 80's and early 90's it became a policy (in order to show obeisance to the Great God Bodycount) to work, for the first time in the history of the service as part of "joint operations" with such agencies as the (then) ATF, DEA and FBI. This practice culminated in the episode very well described by BT above. I had left one of the offices involved in the debacle about a year before and had a bird's eye view of the "purge" that resulted. To this day, and even with the politicalization of the service under the past couple of administrations, you rarely (if ever) see the kind of "joint operation" with the likes of the ATF that existed in the latter 80's...in many regions the Marshal will treat intelligence from ATF, DEA or FBI as needing confirmation...the same as an anonymous tip. And the Marshal Service continues to bring in more federal fugitives than the rest of the agencies combined, using the level of force comennsurate with a reasonable assessment of the dangers...

    Yes, the Service serves arrest warrants sometimes for people who may or may not have committed federal "crimes" that I may or may not believe to be constitutional in the first place and an argument could be made that executing a good number of the warrants is actually a violation of their oath to defend the Constitution...and that, IMO, is a valid criticism (whether I agree with it or not). BUT...they will execute the warrants in such a manner as to bring their target before a federal magistrate for a reasonable facsimile of a fair hearing. It pretty much all goes back to the frontier marshals back in the latter 1800's...most federal judges would not pay the marshal the bounty (the substantial portion of their pay) for a fugitive brought in dead. Sometimes they force you, and sometimes you screw up, but you never "go hunting".

    Anyway...yeah, if I hear some no-nothing little pissant parrot jumping in a thread about the USMS (as usual) doing their job in an efficient manner, while not shooting up the neighborhood as is seemingly the practice of some police agencies...and taking the opportunity to label the Marshal Service as a whole a bunch of murderers, I'm likely to point out the error of his ways in a possibly less than complimentary tone. ;)

    And yes, I am of late somewhat shorter of patience with idiots than I might have been at other times. Oh well, it really does seem to be helping cure this "Monkey monkey" on my back...
  19. tulianr

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    Well said. [applaud]
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  20. cdnboy66

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    A professional response!!
  21. kellory

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    +1 I appreciate what you do. Well said.
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