Uh-oh. Now how much is this going to set me back

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VisuTrac, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. VisuTrac

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  2. Hispeedal2

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    That is the ultimate glove compartment gun ;)
  3. Brokor

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  4. Goldwampum

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    Very cool stuff. I want to take both out to the junk yard and tear it up.[gun]
  5. Disciple

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    Both would deffinatly be a ball to heat up. I like the Glo9ck based gun because of ultimate portability, it takes standard glock mags so thats a plus i'm just not sure about the caliber, but if magpul does one with a stinking 9 mm they will do a .40 or a 45 acp. I love the kris, It's allot like me, Short, stocky, butt ugly as hell, and packs a heck of a whollup when fired up............. I can see allot of advantages to this gun.................would be fun as hell to play with.
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