Uh Oh....The Vikings' Norse Gods are on the ascendant...Christians watch out!!

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by chelloveck, Feb 11, 2015.

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    I was perhaps a little premature in suggesting that the Norse religion was no longer as bloody as it was due to a lack of people believing in the Norse gods. (https://www.survivalmonkey.com/threads/isis-followers-do-not-represent-true-muslims-really.50321/page-2#post-348287)....The Christian Franks, AngloSaxons, Celts, Picts, and Mercians should be quaking in their boots, and frantically rebuilding castles, keeps, and hillforts to keep the rampaging Icelanders at bay. On the other hand...I suppose the Holy See in the Vatican will be preparing for a 21st Century crusade to suppress Norse paganism in Iceland once and for all...in either case...there will be blood!

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    Let us hope they do not resume human sacrifice. Part of my family is from Uppsala in Sweden. I had an uncle that still had some berserker in him. I don't think Paganism is a good thing from any standpoint. On the other hand, maybe they will resume raiding the Muslims from longships.
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    Until they start burning people live in cages I won't give a rip. At least they don't believe that nothing magically exploded into everything and randomly formed itself into dinosaurs. Now THAT would be ludicrous...
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    (1) I shouldn't think the Norse Neo Pagans will be conducting human sacrifices any time soon....and even if they were inclined to cannibalising their human sacrifices...at least they will have the good taste and decency not to cannibalise the gods that they worship also. :eek:

    (2) Straw-manning Big Bang Cosmology, and Evolution by Natural Selection doesn't help your case; and, even if both theories were found to be false, that still does not prove that Christianity's doctrine of Special Creation by God, ex nihilo, is true. The burden of proof is till on the theist making the Deus creation ex nihilo claim. :rolleyes:

    (3) No more ludicrous than a Clay man; and a female cloned from the rib of that Mr Clay Man, then starting the population explosion that has become present day humanity....all in the space of some 6.5K years give or take...depending on how one calculates the begattings. :p
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    I think more people probably have Viking blood than may be realised.

    I understand your views on Paganism, but also understand that many pagans undoubtedly feel the same way about Christianity. From my perspective believing in a single god has no greater value than believing in many.

    I doubt any Neo Pagan Vikings would be much interested in raiding Muslims...I mean to say....how much crude oil can one fit into a Viking longship.....No....A much richer prize would be the treasures looted by the Holy See from all the four corners of the earth, over the last couple of millennia...now that is loot and pillage worth raiding for!

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    My only case was tweaking your nose. The intent was good natured and by your defensive response it appears I was a tad more successful than intended. Keep in mind your original post was designed to tweak the nose of Christians as are many of your other threads and posts, which was why I replied in kind. As we said in elementary school "He who dishes it out had better be prepared to take it". Basically, lighten up a bit and maybe have a beer or two - you really have no idea of what my beliefs are.
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    Christianity is not actually monotheistic from my POV. The first commandment itself acknowledges other deities, it just wants the believers to not worship them more than the Christian God.
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    Oh...I don't have a problem with nose tweaking...giving...or receiving. I accept that as part of engaging in a conversation between SM
    confreres. Playing textual tennis is something of a challenge in reading the intent of the other person, even with the help of emoticons. The sticking out tongue was a wry reply. [beer]
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    The origins of Judaism were definitely polytheistic, in that the proto-Israelites believed in a number of Gods, Yahweh being but one god among a pantheon of gods. Each city or town had it's own local town god, with local fans, much the same as many Americans have their own favourite baseball team that they idolise and root for. Yahweh was the local god of the tribes of Israel. As Judaism evolved, belief in the actual existence and the truth of other gods waned and by the time of the Gospel narratives it was essentially monotheistic.

    Christianity is a monotheistic religion, even though trinitarianism is a mind bending concept to untangle .....or should I say, three seemingly separate entities braided together into the one god. Few if any Christians these days would consider any god other than the "Father, Son and Holy Ghost/Spirit of the trinity that they worship as actual or real.
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    I am a fan of the Vikings team. The rumor is that if they ever win the Super Bowl, hell will freeze over. That doesn't fit into any theology that I know of. It is just another burden we Minnesotans bear. But since our weather has moved to the East coast, maybe something like that will happen.
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